digging piles in hard-to-reach areas

Digging piles in wide and easily accessible areas shouldn't be a problem for any contractor or site engineer, but when the construction site isn't in wide area, then the piling boring machine can't accessible, for example in structure retrofitting. In this case there's two methods for pile digging:

1. Manual pile drilling:

Crew required: two workers
Machine required: Manual pile drilling machine
Amount of daily drilling: up to 16 meters/day for piles 30-60 cm diameter

The manual pile drilling machine can be used when the ceiling in less than 3 meters, so the machine can be accessible. 

2. Small piling boring machine

When there's enough area so that the small piling boring machine can accessible, it could be better. This machine is used when a large amount of piles are needed in a small area.

Crew required: two workers with the machine
Machine required: Small piling boring machine
Amount of daily drilling: up to 84 meters/day for piles 30-60 cm diameter 

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