What is geotechnical engineering

Geotechnical engineering is a branch of civil engineering specialization, such as structural engineering and enviromental engineering. This branch of engineering specializes mainly in studying the behavior of subsurface materials when it's subjected to several types of loads.

Geotechnical engineering utilizes standards of soil mechanics which associated with a high mathematical and scientific process to design to foundations of the structure. Moreover, it's connected to all the earthworks, for example: excavation and back-fill works, drilling for piles, etc .. 

Geotechnical engineering in tunnels

Since earthworks takes place in almost every construction project, It's hard to find a project doesn't contain geotechnical engineer. So, before starting any construction project, in the early designing stage the work of geotechnical engineer starts with taking samples from the site, these samples investigate the materials in the sub-ground, which may be 3 - 18 meters deep or maybe more depending on type of the project, is it two building story or a high rise building, or a foundation of a bridge, etc ..

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