Modern bedroom designs

Choosing furniture in the bedroom determines its main interior design, but coordinating furnishings and accessories highlights your style more. So, be careful when choosing any of them, and follow the following tips to help you reach the right choice for you.

Modern bedrooms

For a simple modern design, choose a linen bedspread that matches the straight lines of the bed and the rest of the furniture units. Choose sets that contain two drawings at most, one of them in neutral colors, and choose smaller pillowcases in the color that dominates the cover to highlight it.

Modern bedrooms

Forever color combinations

Whatever the design of your bedroom furniture, when buying furnishings, do not hesitate to purchase one of the valuable sets, which contain manual labor or expensive materials such as satin and others, but you have to take into account some things.

First: choose a neutral color formula so that it lasts longer without getting bored, no matter what you use.

Second: Choose the design with patterns on the sides only, so that they are medium-sized, while the bulk of the cover or sheet remains plain, as the solid colors never go out of fashion trends, while the patterns change all the time and are subject to fashion.

The exploitation of patterns and strong colors is a successful way to completely change the design of the room. This option is the magic solution to hide the defects in the furniture in the room. Many colors and patterns attract the eye from other factors.

However, this choice also has conditions. Start by choosing colors, and from smart combinations of blue and orange, or red with black or green with violet. After selecting the colors, go for the inscriptions, and the options are: either the geometric patterns, or identical drawings but in different sizes, or the cards with small flowers or pens.

And the choice of geometric patterns is considered one of the most neutral options and suits all tastes, and the colors stand out more harmoniously.

Bedroom furniture design

Mix cold and warm colors

The combination of ice blue and cocoa brown creates a duo that suits classic, modern flair. The mixture of cold and warm colors results in the most successful color combinations in the world of fashion and decoration. For the success of these installations, incorporate the wall into it by choosing the cold color of the wall, the warm color of the floor, or vice versa.

Warm colors in bedrooms

The warmth of the hotels

Hotel rooms feel comfortable and luxurious. And you can convert your bed to one of those beds through the furnishings. It is preferable for the bed to be padded, and if not, let the underlying curtain be made of patterned or striped fabric. And he chose a white cotton set for the furnishings, as the white color has its own charm

For more sophistication, affix a thin satin ribbon in a color derived from the color of the curtain at the edges of the cover.

And finally, a lot of pillows filled with compressed fiber.

Bedroom design

Retro colors

With contemporary designs, retro colors are the perfect match for furnishings. The retro colors are the colors of the 1970s, including yellowish green, dark petroleum blue, and dark reddish orange. Usually we find these colors in combination with brown or black and off-white in irregular geometric patterns.

Retro colors in bedrooms

Practical combinations

Beach colors, which are light blue with sandy beige and white, are among the most popular color combinations, and they suit very practical tastes. To be more innovative when choosing bed linen, get creative in choosing pillows. Instead of traditional rectangular pillows, choose a set of different designs and arrange them to your liking.

Combinations in bedrooms

Bolder choices

But if you are bold in your choices, do not worry about what you acquire, as all the options are in front of you, and all of them suit your taste. But our advice to you is to stay away from full sets, as you will be more satisfied if you choose your furnishings by piece and coordinate them.

Bold bedroom design

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