Find out which interior design style fits your home

You have to know that your type of decoration and style is the first steps that you start with in choosing a suitable decor for your home, as each style has its own characteristics of colors, furniture and furnishings, and this gives you a visualization of the shape of the decor and determining its appropriate elements for your home
This is what requires you to see and know more than one model in this article:

1. The classic style:

The classic style is characterized by balance, attention to detail and harmony between the elements of the decor in addition to luxury and good taste, and this is what appears to us in the colors of the walls and walls, which are always characterized by light colors that are consistent with each other and that radiate light and warmth of the place with the decorated furniture with dark golden colors and luxurious antiques The price is precious, taking into account the dimensions and the size of the rooms to coordinate each

This is in order with curtains and thick embossed textiles

Classic style

2. Modern (modern) style:

This style is characterized by simplicity and liberation without overstressing the use of decorations and crowding in the furniture. It is a simple style with clear lines, and the colors are neutral (silver, white, black, gray, beige, brown and gold) that matches the side concealed lighting. The floors are made of ceramic and porcelain. It adds shine to the floors, also the modern style is considered one of the best options for homes and rooms with a small area as it is characterized by lightness in the use of furniture and ideally employed with the area of ​​the rooms where it is possible to use the sofa to a bed also some pieces of furniture are provided with wheels with a small table on the side and the textiles And the curtains are often plain.

Modern style

3. Neoclassical style: 

It is a mixture of classic and modern styles in everything, as it is an addition of a modern touch with some modern decor in a luxurious classic style, the colors in it are a mixture of white with degrees of light colors, also pieces of furniture mixed between simplicity and some pieces Classical and geometrically shaped accessories, textiles and curtains are common with some small decorations, and the neoclassical style is acceptable to many people as it combines the classic upscale taste with values ​​and the shapes and lines of the modern style.

Neoclassical style

4. The ultramodern style: 

This style is suitable for a small house, where the space is used in this style in an ideal way and by engineering methods in drawing the decoration with pieces of furniture, as the furniture in this style is characterized by a comfortable practical style without costing also the textiles and fabrics that move away from the decorations and the white color dominates Its colors with gradations with some dark colors such as black and gray, which achieve warmth with frank white lighting, with wood pillars dividers, which are characterized by a wonderful engineering design, and glass floors of granite and marble, it is a style based on simple and clear steps that distinguish this style.

Ultramodern style

5. Country style: 

This style stems from a feeling of comfort, as all types of this style feel psychological comfort, warmth and intimacy, and this is due to the composition of its elements from nature and this is what we see in a warm neutral color, ranging from white, beige, gray and bronze in all degrees with the possibility of mixing them with Some light colors with the use of tree trunks in the ceilings and the accessories used in the furniture filled with sofas, pillows and chairs, adding the spirit of nature in the furnishings and textiles engraved with natural plants, and this is what is clear to us in every type of country style, for example:

French rustic style: which is characterized by luxury in furniture and depends on the beige color in its paint, furnishings and fabrics are mostly plain, with little decoration and engravings in them.

The British country style: depends on the colors between blue and green red, with dishes hung on the walls and supplied wallpaper such as fabrics and textiles in it.

The cottage style: which is based on simplicity in the decorations, as the colors are from the color of wood, with antique pieces of furniture.

6. The Arab Islamic style: 

It is a style mixed with the originality and heritage of Arabic decoration with ancient Islamic art with Islamic engravings, as this style is based on warm earthy colors such as orange and a lot of red tones with wood interlocks in the arabesque furniture that is characterized by it and accessories such as vases and copper metals The walls are painted in Arabic calligraphy, in addition to the lighting that is represented by copper lamps and pottery lamps decorated with inscriptions with paint in many different colors, as well as textiles and furnishings made of natural, handmade threads with dark colors.

There are many types of the Arab-Islamic style, for example:

Moroccan style: It is a mood between the originality of Islamic civilization and the spirit of the times, as the colors express the Moroccan nature, where the most colors are green, turquoise, white, orange and fuchsia, as well as furniture and textiles that express warmth and intimacy through the materials used in them of carved wood and hand-woven carpets with an engineering design Very Wonderful .

Arab Islamic style in interior design

Damascene style: which depends heavily on plant motifs, such as plant leaves, with frequent use of different colors.

Summary of all the above, it is necessary to know more than one model with its colors, furniture and all the decor elements used in it and how it fits with the space of your home and your personal taste in order to start drawing and choosing a decor for your home that suits you.

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