Electrical engineering: What is and what is the future of its graduates, their salaries, and their fields of work?

Imagine the situation of a country without electricity for one month only, and expect the size of the economic devastation that will befall this country, look at all the electrical appliances around you, and you will know the importance of electrical engineering, we can say that electrical engineering or the electrical sector is a sector on which more than one economic sector is based and here Its importance lies, and the importance of the electrical engineer that you may be someday if you choose to study electrical engineering.

So what is electrical engineering then ?!

Electrical engineering is the spirit of the era of modernity, without it the pulse of civilization stops, and it is the science that is concerned with everything related to electrical energy, its delivery, stability, generation, and its conversion from one form to another with the least losses and the best possible way, and in any device or machine that uses electric current An important role for an electrical engineer.

Does electrical engineering suit you?

If you have the passion to know how things work around you, what this disguised energy looks like, and how it can illuminate the darkness of a city, if you have been disassembling electrical devices since your childhood, and have often sabotaged them, if you liked physics and mathematics, we are happy to tell you Electrical engineering is your best option.

Some works of the electrical engineer:

Design electrical drawings for projects and laboratories

Supervising and managing engineering projects

Development of electrical appliances

Implementation of renewable energy projects

Manage production lines

Design of electrical control and control systems

Administrative and executive supervision work

Providing engineering consultancy

Marketing of electrical products

Maintenance of electrical faults

And many more

Where does who studied electrical engineering work:

At the power stations

In factories and factories

In mega projects and work sites

In consulting offices

In contracting companies

In sales

In his home workshop

In industrial workshops

In universities

In hospitals and service institutions

In ministries and the government sector

And many more

Salary of our friend electrical engineer:

I think that you, dear reader, were waiting for an answer to this question to decide your decision, and in our turn we would like to emphasize that creativity and excellence in the field is the first factor in obtaining a high income, and we advise you to choose the field that you like and want without focusing on salaries and wages, so your creativity is in your field that you love, you may It achieves double your work in a field that you do not like, other than the pleasure of working with what you love

The average salary for an electrical engineer is $ 71,563 per year according to a statistic by careerexplorer.

These figures may vary between countries and per capita income.

The future career:

We can assert that in every urban development or expansion process, or any new project, there is an essential need for an electrical engineer, in addition to the set of faults and the frequent need to rehabilitate electrical stations and installations, so there is a constant demand for those who have studied electrical engineering.

The indicators point to the trend of this sector towards the use and adoption of renewable energy, such as solar energy, wind energy and other clean and sustainable energy sources, and the automobile and transportation sector today is moving towards adopting electric energy. To their owners.

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