Definition of agriculture

Agriculture is defined as the process of using natural resources such as fibres, timber and leaves to produce food, industrial raw materials and energy sources. In terms of packaging, storage, selling, fertilizers, agricultural pesticides, and more.

Beginning of farming

The origin of agriculture does not go back to a single origin or reference, because it has spread since ancient times in different places and times. However, the emergence and development of agriculture emerged in the late Ice Age; That is, about 11,700 years ago, when changes occurred in the ecosystems on the Earth's surface, especially in temperate regions more than in tropical regions, and these changes include melting glaciers, rising sea levels, in addition to climatic changes, such as: rising temperatures and their impact on the environment.

Agriculture witnessed a great development, including new ways of managing diverse groups of plants and animals, by the Australian aborigines and the American peoples in the west of North America. Through the process of domestication, which contributed to maintaining the prevailing lifestyles, such as hunting, providing food, and storing it for use in the lean seasons.

Types of Agriculture

Agriculture is divided into 3 main types, which are as follows:

Field agriculture: It includes the cultivation of major crops, such as: rice, wheat, and barley.

Pastoral agriculture: It is agriculture aimed at raising livestock, such as: sheep, cows, and chickens, in order to benefit from them and their meat.

Mixed agriculture: It is the type that includes both field and pastoral agriculture, where crops and livestock are grown.

modern farming technology

Modern farming technology is used to make improvements in the types of practices farmers use to improve production, using hybrid seeds from a selection of a single crop, technically advanced equipment, and much more; Such as choosing the appropriate methods of irrigation, types of fertilizers, and appropriate pesticides, as well as modern methods of agriculture related to finances, manpower, and how to use agricultural equipment including; Wheat threshing machines, winnowing machines or wheat harvesting and gathering machines, combines, in addition to the extensive use of technology, such as: selective breeding, types of pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.

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