Sagging arms and getting rid of it

Sagging arms

The body suffers from sagging for many reasons, including laziness, lethargy and lack of exercise, and this has helped greatly in the present era, the availability of modern amenities and dependence on them greatly, in addition to the busy schedule with responsibilities and necessary tasks with no opportunity to exercise, and to avoid sagging we can follow Some simple steps that may help us reduce it.

Sagging arms

Ways to get rid of sagging arms

Sit properly

And that is while sitting on the chair in the office while working or while returning from work or even while traveling. If you sit bent a lot forward, then great pressure is placed on the pelvic bones, and there may be pressure on the lumbar vertebrae in the lower back; Which may cause pain and sagging over time in the short term, so it is recommended to find the medium term by keeping the feet positioned to be flat, and the weight to be concentrated on the buttocks and pelvic bones so that the shape is in the form of a triangle, and it is necessary while driving the car Do lumbar support to prevent pain.

Do exercises that increase body flexibility

The lack of sufficient flexibility of the body can lead to imbalance in the muscles and poor alignment and alignment of the body to the rest of the limbs, so these exercises need to be integrated into the daily routine during work, as it can extend its work periodically throughout the day to increase the flexibility of the muscles so that nothing happens Stiffness, and one of the easiest exercises to relieve neck and shoulder stress while standing or sitting; It is to pull the head back so that the neck is centered on the spine, then pull the shoulders and back back and move the arms as if you are trying to put the elbows in your back pocket while pushing the torso out as if you were inside the door frame, and this exercise is applied for a period of no less than six seconds, This should be done several times during every hour, especially if you are sitting at your computer for long periods.

Stretching exercise when waking up

When you're stuck in one position for too long, whether it's sitting in an office chair, in a car seat or on a plane, your muscles get tired and tense. To do the stretch, you must stand and put your hands behind your back with your fingers intertwined with each other and extend them to the maximum extent and continue in this position for at least a minute, and repeat this a few times to relieve the spasm of the back muscles, and if you are at home you can also lie on the floor with your weight on the elbows Pushing the chest, stretching the lower back and spine. Repeat this exercise, but not excessively, so as not to strain your muscles and cause injuries.

Trunk strengthening exercise

The core muscles extend from the area around your rib cage to about the mid-thigh, and all of these muscles work together to help you sit and stand up straight, and a good way to improve and enhance the strength and stiffness of these muscles is through the practice of yoga or Pilates, which are good ways to improve health the public; This is because by practicing it you make movements that make you control the muscles of your body, as well as an exercise to strengthen the trunk by lying on your back, raising your legs against the ground and bending the knees as if you were placing your feet flat on the wall while pulling the abdominal muscles, then extending one leg straight with Keeping your back flat, bend the knee on the other leg, then bring one leg back, pause for a while, and extend the other leg. Repeat the exercise by doing 20 times.

Stretching exercise at the entrance to the door

Weakness and strength of the chest muscles plays a role in the amount of sagging, so to enhance the flexibility and strength of these muscles, stand at the entrance of the door and hold your arms from both sides at a 90-degree angle, so that the elbow is parallel to the shoulder at the same level with both arms on the doorpost with a tilt Slowly forward, pushing as if you were going out the entrance door and pulling your arm back against the door beam. Then continue doing this exercise for 30 seconds, and repeat it with the opposite arm. You can also repeat this exercise several times a day to stretch the upper and lower chest muscles.

Superman workout

This exercise enhances the strength and rigidity of the muscles that support the spine, and also improves the muscles of the shoulders, and can be done so that you lie on the floor, extending the arms above the head and legs straight back, and the palms should be on the ground with the muscle tightening and the lower part of the Back to raise the upper body, raise the arms with the head and legs about four inches off the floor, and hold this position for two seconds or less. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

Avoid other bad habits

By avoiding many things, including avoiding wearing backpacks when traveling, especially if they are carried only once, so try to limit the amount of bags carried, and choose bags that distribute the weight over the entire body in a more balanced manner, and avoid wearing high heels; Because it causes the weight of the body to be thrown forward and the pressure is focused on the lower back, so it should be avoided even on occasions, and if the nature of the work needs to do a lot of walking or standing, the ground heels should be chosen (high by 2 cm or less from the ground).

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