Shared bedroom for boys and girls

Rooms for boys and girls, preparing one room for a girl and a boy can be very difficult, as their tastes vary greatly, so designing a common room for them together is a tiring thing, and we here in this article we offer you some pictures and ideas to help you design The common room boys and girls in a simple and modern way

If the area of ​​your home is small and you cannot create a room for each of your children, you can create one room shared between your son and daughter. The most important thing that should be available in the common room is that the room be distinguished by an independent and distinct personality, try to divide the rooms into two different worlds, each of which expresses the personality of each child.

Divide the room

Either divide the room into three sections, one for each child and a common section, or you divide the room into two different parts. In the event that the room is divided between a boy and a girl, it is better to divide the room in half, as they will not be sharing clothes or games. There are many ideas for dividing the room in half, the first of which is that the room is divided vertically and here, each of them will have its own place, but without a real separation. Or to divide the room horizontally so that the bed of each of them faces the other and the wardrobe as well. Another idea is to use a double bed, where the bed frame contains a bed to sleep over and a desk at the bottom. But if the room is a bit large, you can separate it by placing a simple wall that is used to place some accessories or books as well.

Make sure that each section reflects each child, use two different beds, two colors of paint, and different decorations as well.


By organizing and following a different and smart design, you can design a shared room for your children, make sure that each of them has some privacy as well and that the part for each child expresses his personality.

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