The most beautiful destinations in Turkey


Turkey can be classified as a country in the Middle East, as it is a gateway between Asia and Europe and the link between the two continents, as it is located to the east of its area in the continent of Asia, and to the west of it reaches the continent of Europe.

Turkey is characterized by its multiple nature, its terrain varies to include plains, plateaus and mountains, and in its cities there are many types of entertainment and fun that can be found on the sea and land, as most of its cities and provinces contain tourist attractions, and it is a country with many details and contrasts; Therefore, it is a great option for tourists, as it gives them the possibility to choose their events based on their preferences and tastes.

The most beautiful areas in Turkey


The city of Istanbul is known by a number of names that it has acquired throughout history. It was called Byzantium, Astana, Constantinople and Islampol. Istanbul is considered the financial, economic and cultural capital of Turkey.

Istanbul is a city with a long history, and has been on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985 AD.

  • The Bosphorus Bridge: It is one of the bridges that connect the continent of Europe to the continent of Asia, and its length is approximately 15 kilometers, and it is ranked fourteenth in terms of length in the list of suspension bridges in the world.
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque: It is also called the Blue Mosque; The reason for its name is due to the fact that its inner lining is dominated by the blue color, and in it is the tomb of Sultan Ahmed I, who was built between the years 1609 and 1616 AD, and is considered today a wonderful masterpiece of Turkish engineering masterpieces.
  • Hagia Sophia: The site is considered one of the most important tourist sites in the Republic of Turkey and even one of the most important tourist sites in the world, as it is an architectural masterpiece of great magnificence, Hagia Sophia was built in the primitiveness to be an Orthodox patriarchal cathedral, to turn into a mosque after The Islamic conquest reached it.
  • Taksim Square: This square is lively and full of activity and movement. It is the center of the tourist areas in Istanbul. Many of Istanbul's daily facilities are centered around it, including restaurants, cafes, hotels, markets and halls, where no one can visit Istanbul but pass through it. It was named after the old water distribution station for the city of Istanbul, which stopped working nearly a century ago.
  • Topkapi Palace: or what is known as “Topkapi”, this landmark is one of the most prominent landmarks in Istanbul and one of the most visited by tourists, built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. The Rag of Happiness, which displays some historical and sacred pieces, such as the sword of the Prophet Muhammad - may God bless him and grant him peace - and some of his personal belongings and relics, and some of the effects of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs. The palace is very surprising and splendid, as a tourist can spend several hours in it without getting bored.

In addition, there are many distinctive features, including; Obelisk of Thutmose III, Yildiz Palace, Sultans' Palace, and other markets and landmarks.

Antalya city

Antalya is one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey and the world. It is considered one of the most popular destinations visited by millions of people annually, where there is the old city, which is characterized by a clear presence of history, and ancient mosques with beautiful views of the sea, and there are also cafes that overlook the harbor, Where tourists can spend a special time there, in addition to many handicraft shops. It is also famous for its crowded beaches in summer, although some of them are not suitable for swimming, but people enjoy the view of the sun and the surrounding mountains, such as the rocky beach of Konyaalti.

It has ancient Roman archaeological landmarks, the most famous of which is Hadrian’s Gate, whose construction dates back to 130 AD, and was named after the Roman Emperor Hadrian to commemorate his visit to the city of Antalya. The gate consists of three arches, and it is still used today as a gate leading to Old Antalya and Hisapchi Street, in addition to the historical importance and unique archaeological.

Bursa city

Bursa ranks fourth among Turkish cities in terms of population, and it is the capital of the province of Bursa, and is one of the major tourist and industrial cities in the Republic of Turkey. "Green Stock Exchange".

Among the most important tourist attractions of Bursa are the following: 

The Great Mosque: or the so-called “Ulu Mosque.” It is considered the largest mosque in the city of Bursa. It is a masterpiece of Ottoman architecture. It contains many ancient Arab inscriptions on its interior walls and holds twenty domes distributed over Four lines above its ceiling.

Koza Han: It is a place for the silk trade, as it contains many shops that sell different types of clothing and silk fabrics.

Museum of Turkish Islamic Arts: This museum displays Islamic antiquities belonging to the historical period between the twelfth and nineteenth centuries, such as coins, medals, shields, and others.

Bodrum City

Bodrum is characterized by its beautiful houses with a great view of the dazzling sea. The city is located in the southwest of Turkey, and its most important archaeological features are:

St. Peter's Castle: 
The castle is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Bodrum region, and what distinguishes it is its towers and walls with a charming view of the harbor, and it also has an internal museum

Bodrum Museum of Water Archeology:
This museum is one of the most beautiful and famous international museums that specializes in displaying ancient shipwrecks and marine relics. It contains the wrecks of three ancient ships. It is located in the Bodrum Castle, which was built in the fifteenth century AD.

Bitez Beach
This beach is the most famous beach in the city at all, and what distinguishes it is the colorful pillows and sofas that were placed in it instead of chairs, to make its visitors feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Black Sea Region

It is a group of coastal cities overlooking the Black Sea, where it is witnessing an increase in the number of tourists and Arab travelers and others year after year, and among these cities are the following: 

The city of Amasya contains the tombs of kings carved into the rocky mountains from the time of the Greeks and white Ottoman houses lined up by the river, which distinguishes this city and makes it an impressive masterpiece, as it can be said that it is an open-air museum.

Trabzon is the main city in northeastern Turkey. It contains places and areas that draw the attention of tourists for its beauty and privacy. The most important of these areas are the Hagia Sophia Mosque, Lake Uzungol and the famous Simola Monastery Lake located on the edge of the rocky mountain.

The city of Samsun includes many important places, such as mosques, popular markets, museums, and others. It also has the largest view of the Black Sea coast compared to other cities, in addition to the largest port on the Black Sea.

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