How do website owners earn money?

There are a lot of different ways that website owners can earn money through their websites, but it is important to understand the basic requirement, which is the presence of traffic, unless the website has visitors, it is difficult for the website owner to make money In most cases, we mention in this article six of the most common techniques that websites use to make money online:

Ads: A lot of websites are running ads about their content, knowing that a website can get ads to run directly from advertisers, or from ad networks, as well as from affiliate programs, etc. One of the most common places to get ads Other than Google is through their AdSense program, and you can search how advertising works for more information.

Search: It is doing this in the form of a browser, providing a Google search service by running the Google search bar on your website, you can earn money from Google, this is flipping through the AdSense program.

Subscriptions: If you go to the Wall Street Journal's website, many of the articles require you to have a paid subscription in order to read them. Websites may charge a fee during a certain period to allow you to access their contents eg week/month/year.

Pay per view: If you want to access the article/song/video/etc, you may have to pay for it. There is a discount when registering, but this is not necessary

Merchandise: makes the most money by selling products online, just like a brick-and-mortar store.

Branded merchandise: Sites with fans dedicated to making money by selling merchandise either directly or through a service such as

Transaction fees: acts as a marketplace for buyers and sellers, and when someone sells something on eBay, eBay charges a transaction fee.

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