HDF flooring | the latest trend in the world of decoration

If you are always looking at the latest trends in the world of decoration and finishing, or you are renovating your apartment you will definitely need to know more about HDF flooring if you want your home to appear modern and elegant.

So what are HDF floors?

HDF is an abbreviation for High Density Fibers or High Density Compressed Fiber and is made of natural and artificial wood.

We will show you all the information you need to know about HDF floors.

HDF flooring features:

HDF flooring is treated as wood that consists of an outer layer that can withstand friction and heat, as well as a moisture insulating layer.

It is also characterized by the ease of cleaning and the possibility of dismantling and installing it more than once without using the glue that can stick it.

It is available in multiple colors to be suitable for different tastes and décor.

HDF floors do not need to be painted every while.

There are many types of German, Belgian, and Italian HDF flooring, so you will find a difference in prices, and you will definitely find the suitable price for you.

How to clean HDF floors:

The first step is to sweep it well with a soft wiper or sponge.

If there are stains on the floor, you must use a wooden floor cleaner and put a quarter cup of vinegar with it and use a cloth to polish the floor after you squeeze it well, and after that we dry the floor with a dry cloth.

HDF flooring to add an aesthetic and modern touch to your home.

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