Lighting and its distribution at home

Lighting greatly affects home decor, as it can add a gloomy feeling to the atmosphere of the home or add a spirit of happiness and energy. It depends on how you use it. So, you should pay attention to the use of lighting when choosing home décor. In this article, the we provide tips to help you choose lighting for your home.

First, natural lighting:

Sun light

In addition, sunlight is good lighting source, as well for human health. They also give a great feeling of energy and help purify the home of germs and bacteria.

Reflective mirrors:

Mirrors play a major role in reflecting and distributing light appropriately. Therefore, it would be great to use it to reflect sunlight and distribute it in all the corners of the house that it does not reach.

Second, artificial lighting:

Indirect lighting

You can make the decoration of the House of Light in the ceiling of your house, which is one of the indirect lights that give a beautiful appearance and reflect light on large parts of the wall in a distinctive way.

Direct lighting

They are:

  • Spotlight
  • Focus the light on a distinctive element in the home
  • Corridor lighting
  • Indirect lighting on the ceiling
  • LED Strips
  • Exploiting the curves of the ceiling to reflect the distinctive lighting
  • stair lighting

Third, the optimal use of lighting:

There are many things that must be taken into consideration when using lighting elements that help in obtaining appropriate and aesthetic lighting in the house, such as:

  • Light distribution method
  • The intensity of the illumination, whether it is side lighting, overhead or indirect
  • Illumination size

There are many types of lighting and many different ways to use it, some of which we discussed above.

Therefore, lighting in the home should be taken care of, as it constitutes an important part of home decor and has a strong impact on the psychological state of family members.

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