Detail of vtr in dwg autocad


Autocad file for VTR cad detail dwg which shows how the pipe p.v.c vent shaft can be above the roof slab and the isolation details around the pipe, this dwg cad detail can be used in architectural plans and detail. 

In the detail you can see the vtr detail above the roof slab and the isolation detail around, which contains:

- Thermal insulation above the roof detail.
- Water proofing around the pipe.
- P.V.C vent shaft detail.
- Pipe sleeve cast in concrete detail 
- Sealant around the pvc vent shaft and the pipe sleeve cast in concrete detail.
- Overlap detail for the waterproofing around the pipe.

in this dwg detail of the VTR detail in cad dwg shows that around the pipe there must be overlap of the isolation, minimum 35 cm over t.o.c. Moreover, the waterproofing detail provided before in recent cad details and cad blocks. 

File size: 0.56 Mb
File format: dwg


VTR cad block, VTR dwg cad detail

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