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The summer is upon us, and most of the time the apartment will be locked all the time and the air conditioners will be running in order to prevent the heat from entering the house, and of course you will feel all the time that the house is muffled and smells of dust. That is why here you will find natural and easy ways to perfume your home.

Each scent or perfume gives me a different feeling. For example, sea scents like chamomile and anise give me a feeling of relaxation and calm. As for lavender, it eliminates stress, which means you can use it in study rooms.

  • It is necessary, before anything, to ventilate the house daily, preferably in the morning, because the sun entering the house renews and changes the air.
  • Also, lavender oil, for example, you can put drops of it in a bowl of heated water, and then put the bowl in the place you want to perfume it, and it will smell strongly,
  • Perfuming sofas and furniture is not easy, which is why you can get a medical syringe and fill it with the perfume that you like and add it to the sofas and you will notice the smell every time you sit on it.
  • As for the floors, while wiping, use drops of your favorite scent in the rinse water,
  • The bathroom can also be perfumed easily, you will only need a cloth bag and put a musk and vanilla cube in it and hang it in the door.
  • You can use this beautiful recipe for the bedroom: hang an orange with a rope in the room and insert two cloves in it, then cut the outer peel into four quarters and sprinkle it with clove powder, and its smell will stay for a year. .

Perfume the house prevents negative energy and gives me a sense of comfort and relaxation inside the house. Provide your family a suitable atmosphere that brings you together.

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