Overhead water tank construction details dwg cad


A useful autocad file of a 4,000 liters overhead water tank construction details in cad dwg in plan and cross section.

In the detail you can see the construction details of the overhead water tank, which contains:

- 10 cm lean concreter
- Water tank foundation which is 40 cm reinforced concrete
- Drain with valve for the water tank
- Water outlet to overhead water tank, in the inner side there is a foot valve with strainer.
- Cement mortar slope 1:100 laid to fall

In this dwg detail of the overhead water tank which it's capacity is 4,000 liters there must be air space at least 40 cm, you can see in the detail the water level and the air space. Also, the municipility supply inlet pipe which must be with float valve.

Moreover, the is air tight and water tight manhole cover 70 cm.

File size: 0.53 Mb
File format: dwg


Overhead water tank dwg cad detail

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