Single phase Inverter | Power electronic lab report


In this experiment we construct the VSI circuit whose purpose is to convert DC voltage to AC voltage.


The principle of operation of this circuit simply to produce a square wave then filter it for a sinusoidal output, this is done by connecting the load to the DC source via a bridge of GTOs, the sequence of switching the GTOs will alternately link the load to the positive and then negative ends of the source ,then the desired AC output can be obtained by filtering for the low harmonics (theoretically the fundamental harmonic) of the resulting square wave.

Used equipment

- GTOs and Diodes.
- R and Rl loads.
- AC Power Supply.
- Circuit Breakers.
- Connecting Wires.
- Digital Millimeter.
- Oscilloscope.
- Pulse generation circuit.

Inverter circuit:

The output wave form


The VSI circuit purpose is to convert DC voltage to AC voltage.
In practice a capacitor of very large magnitude is connected across the DC source, this is to ensure the constant value of the DC input.
A capacitive voltage divider is used at the DC voltage source to realize the split supply.

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