Etabs tutorial for buiginners - Part 2

Building Grids and Definition of materials (Revision)
In this tutorial we're give a revision of building grids and materials definition, since it's just like what we've done on SAP2000 course you can open the course from Here for the grids building, and Here for the materials definition.

Exercise 1: Use Etabs to create these grids:

1- Grid No.1

2- Grid No.2


3- Grid No.3


4- Grid No.4


5- Grid No.5


Exercise 2: Use Etabs to define:
1- Materials: B300, B350, B400.
2- Beams sections: B100x25, B80x30, B40x40, B50x20.
3- Define Dead, live load cases and set self-weight to be zero.
4- Define 2 load combinations:
Load comb 1: 1.4 D.L
Load comb 2: 1.2 D.L+1.6 L.L

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