Interior wood doors installation

Installing interior doors is not an easy process, site engineer must be experienced with this stage to guarantee that this task starts and finishes in the right time and for 100% balanced wooden doors, follow us with the next lines in this article to take some experience in finishing

Interior wood doors installation

Interior doors installation is one of the most important stages in the finishing, and preferably left to the end, after finishing all electrical works and sanitary installation.

It's extremely important that flooring polish is done first, and the apartment is completely clean!

1. Taking measurements
The manufacturer takes all the measurements for the openings, in the stage of building the interior partitions the site engineer must contact with the manufacturer to make sure that the openings as per request, some companies request 207 cm height and other companies 208-210 cm and for the width as well.

2. Delivery and storage in the construction site
It's important that an appropriate storage space be provided in the construction site, and it's better to store the wooden doors immediately in the apartments as they delivered to the site from the manufacture.

Storage in the apartments

3. Wood frames installation stage
In this stage the technician starts to install the wooden frames first, polyurethane foam is added to fill and fix the frame in the right way.
The site engineer must check that the wood frames are 100% balanced.

Wooden frames installation

polyurethane foam is added between the frame and the walls

polyurethane foam

4. Wood doors installation
after checking that the frames are balanced without any scratches, the doors are installed

Wood doors installation with locks and cylinders

Important note:
After installing all the doors the tiles must be finished with the frames, and paint as well. Make sure that the doors don't get stained with paint in this stage.

Tiles must be finished with the frame

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