Technical specification of lifts / elevators up to 10 passengers capacity


Supply install test and commission and maintain and warranty for one year ( European full packed electrical lift ), compliance with En81.1, EN81-70, 71 and the local standards of the country to meet all licensing authority. The supplier should be direct agent for the mother company or exclusive distributor, not be broker or second party, and to have well trained installation and maintenance team available, and should approve that. All lift parts should be factory assembled price shall include all related material and electrical works related to lift. Supplier is fully responsible to carry all required tests. Lifts are with the following specifications:

Model of Lift: Should be machine room less- MRL Quantity & Type : One- Passenger lift
Capacity: 800 kg /10 Passengers.
Grouping: Simplex
Speed: 1 m/s
Travel: 10 m approximately - as per site measurements
Stops: 4 In One Line
Floor Numbering: 0,1,2,3

Elevator in commercial building


Gear-less motor: High- performance permanent-magnet drive gearless, which increase efficiency.
The motor is relatively small and runs noiselessly. A comfortable, smooth ride without vibration, especially as a result of central suspension and variable frequency control
Electronically controlled microprocessor regulated drive system
180 starts/hour, AC-VVVF regulated, closed loop, power supply 3 phase AC 400/230V, 50 Hz. Stopping accuracy of ( +/- 3-5 mm).

Automatic evacuation:

This feature should be built-in as a part of the control system. To evacuate automatically the passengers when ever there is a power failure the lift should take passengers safely to the next floor and opening door automatic.

Maintenance Telealarm System:

The control system should include Telealarm connection, this system should help passengers to be directly connecting to all maintenance telephones around the clock from the car , by pushing the alarm push button in the C.O.P.
Owner will supply only the telephone wiring to the main control in the lift.


The microprocessor control should optimally meets a wide rang of requirements.
Control options should be available for individual configuration. Microprocessor Collective Selective,
Landing operation: Fully automatic Full Collective selective control in up and down direction with automatic floor leveling
Fire emergency return control, Fire Return: The elevator should return to the lobby or primary designed floor to allowing passengers to exit , when the fire –man switch or key is used manually, and it should remain parked until the elevators is used by fire man using the special fireman’s service switch or key

Automatic light control.
Automatic return to main floor
Full load bypass: Sensor full should rate load and does not respond to out side calls until load is reduced.
Over load : Car load should weigh Device to prevent an over loaded car from starting, should provide light and buzzer. The buzzer should remains sounding until the over load condition decreases. The door should remains open during overload.

Should provide Horn in car on top of the car.
Interphone: should help Passengers to communicate with the building Personnel to the control room, maintenance room or Security room through this inter phone in case.
The operation service can detect a jammed hall.
A hall button should jam mechanically; the hall call should be automatically bypassed after being served once, until the problem is resolved.

Safeties in the control:

The control should include protection against:
- Over current in any component.
- Phase failure protection.
- Phase reversal protection of power supply.
- Over load against voltage.
- No volt and sustained under voltage.
- Over heat protection.

Lift enclosure:

1. Lift finish
Front wall and side walls with luxury finish Stainless steel.
Ceiling: Suspended ceiling in stainless steel with both lighting in rear and front sides
Flooring: artificial granite .

2. Hand rail
Tubular handrail at side panel

3. Lift operating panel
One COP, Stylish, panel with heavy duty bush buttons at side wall panel.
Alarm button
door open, button
door close button
Digital position indicator 7 segments
Direction arrows.
Overload protection device with audible and visible signal,
Emergency bell and light

4. Lift dimensions:
Width * Depth: 1375 * 1400

5. Lift doors:
The car door and landing doors should move simultaneously and automatically when opening and closing.

Car door: Fully automatic Central 2 panels, heavy duty.
Car door drive : should regulate with AC-VVVF
Opening: C2 doors panels
Door sill: Should be made by hard anodized aluminum.
Panels finish: Stainless Steel.
Door safety device type :should be light curtain,

Landing doors:
It should includes from out side door latch in upper part of hall door makes it possible to open the door to rescue passengers by themselves in case of power failure or emergency as the car door can be open by hand,
Door lock switch its prevents the door from opening while the elevator is Running, the door can be opened only after the car stops at the floor.

Door (Width X Height) : 900 X 2000 mm
Door panels finish: Stainless Steel at all floors.
Door frame :Box Frame Stainless Steel at all floors.
Landing operation and indication panels at all floors
Position indicator 7 segments type, direction arrows. Wall mounted.
Panel with heavy duty push Buttons for landing (floor designations) and call acceptance (visual).

Fireman Function:
Fire man Key switch at MAIN FLOOR.
Complete system, Key switch in car to activate this feature by fire man .

Shaft hoist way in size:
Concrete walls shaft :

Shaft ( Width * Depth): 1800 * 1700 mm
Shaft Over Head: 3400 mm
PIT-from Finish Floor: 1200-1500 mm, on solid Slab

Guide rails: should be “T” Section guide rails specially manufactured for Lifts, with self lubricated heavy guide shoes.

Suspension ropes: Should consist of thin Special Steel traction ropes sheathed and should be covered with specially rubber or polyurethane calls belts. Manufactured for lifts. With life time not less than 15 Years.

Over speed governor : If the car travels faster than rated speed the governor should turn the power off first and safety gear should activate.

Safety gear: For car Progressive type. In case the car travels faster than rated Speed the safety gear should grasps the guide rail to stop the car safely.

Limit switch : Upper and lower should prevent car over travel at the Highest and lowest floor.
Final limit switch : This protection should stop car travel if the limit Switch (upper and lower) should fail to operate correctly.

Buffers : For car and counter weight and should beneath the car the C/WT to reduce the collision shock and stop the car or C/WT. safely in case of travels beyond the lowest floor.

Counter weight: pre-cast alloy enclose in Steel framework

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