Etabs tutorial for buiginners - Part 5

Solving One Way System (Alternative No. 1):
The following Slab is to be modeled using Etabs (figure 1), taking in consideration using B300 in defining both slabs and beams.

Beams Sections: B70x25 (70cm width, 25cm depth).
Slab section: S25 (25cm solid slab)
Concrete material: B300
Superimposed load: 4.5 KN/m2
Live Load: 2.5 KN/m2


1- Start a new model (do not forget to set units before starting a new model).
2- Draw the suitable grid using Etabs.
3- Define B300 (see figure 2).


4- Define B30x25 and B70x25 (see figure 3).


5- Define the slab section (see figure4).


6- Draw Beams in both directions (user may draw beams as one line, or as segments; if beams is drawn as a one beam, user may use divide option to divide lines into segments).
7- Draw the Slab so you can have as shown previously in figure 1. To Show sections names select the check icon(see figure 5 now).


8- To assign dead load to slab, first select the slab (now do as shown in figure 6).


9- Now assign live load, first reselect the slab again (see figure 7) (user may use the option: previous selection to reselect the slab again).


10- Define the load combinations (see figure 8).


11- User now must mesh the slab (mesh means dividing the slab into smaller areas). First select the slab (now see figure 9).


12- To this moment, slab will act as a two way slabs; loads will be distributed to beams at both directions. To make slab action one way first select the slab (now do as shown in figure 10).


13- Assign pin supports at each beam intersection (see figure 11).


14- Before having analysis done user must check the model (do as shown in figure 12).


15- Now start Analysis (hit F5) or do as shown in figure 13.


16- User may check both deflection shape and moment results to make sure slab works as a one way slab (see figure 14).



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