What checks are needed immediately after installation of tower crane ?

After tower crane is installed immediately before it's put into operation there are several checks needed to be done:

1. Tightening of screws approval.

A licensed inspector must check the tightening of screws, and to give approval.

tower crane
Tower crane installed in a construction site

2. Visual inspection of cracks.

A licensed inspector must check the cracks in the tower crane, this check is done by a special spray especially on the steel connections of the tower crane. If there are some cracks in the connections, it must be repaired by a specialist welding worker. After repairing the cracks the inspector may check again to give approval.

It's better and much easier to do the first check before installation

tower crane

tower crane

tower crane

tower crane
crack check for a tower crane

3. Earth leakage approval by a certified electrician.

A certified electrical engineer must check how the electrical wires are linked, and he has to check and to give approval.

4. Certified civil engineer approval on the foundation of the tower crane.

The tower crane may be installed just 14 days after concrete pouring of the foundation, a certified civil engineer / structural engineer have to check and to approve the foundation before the concrete pouring.

tower crane
concrete pouring for a tower crane foundation

These checks are done by a licensed inspector. However, these checks have to be done every 6 months.

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