Concrete cover in various structural elements

When reinforcing any concrete element, it must be taken into consideration that there is sufficient concrete cover on each side between the reinforcement steel and the outer surface of the concrete in order to preserve the reinforcing steel inside the concrete from weather, moisture and rust.

The value of the concrete cover for the different structural reinforced concrete elements varies and is mentioned in the panels, but in general, the concrete cover for the structural reinforced concrete elements is:

The concrete cover in the foundations is 5 cm to 7.5 cm, and the rest of the reinforced concrete elements are 2.5 cm.

The concrete cover is executed on the site by placing the so-called (spacers) between the reinforced concrete and the formwork. The value of the spacers is equal to the value of the concrete cover to be achieved, and several forms of spacers can be used on site.

Types of spacers that are used to achieve the concrete cover:

1. Plastic spacers: It exists in two sizes of 2.5 cm or 5 cm and there are two types of it. The first type is spacer used for the side cover and the second type is spacer used for the bottom cover.

Spacer used for the bottom cover

spacer used for the bottom cover

Spacer used for the side cover

2. Cement spacers: It is manufactured on site with the required thickness by pouring into a board of formwork of the required thickness and closed sides and then cutting it into small sizes or by cutting a group of plastic pipes of the required thicknesses and pouring through them.

3. Marble fracture: It is a marble remnant from the marble workshops or from the site that is used instead of the bottom biscuit.

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