Classic style in interior design

The classic style first used in interior design and decoration in the seventeenth century AD, it became an example of elegance and refined taste in the field of decoration and interior design. It is still used in the design and decoration of homes, villas and palaces to our present time.

Simplicity, accuracy and clarity in the decoration lines, in addition to symmetry in the edges and moderation in the general view, is a characteristic of this style of interior decoration. In all cases, it is not considered as a uniform and fixed model, but rather is one of the styles of interior decoration such as Baroque, Rococo, And the emperor.

Classic style in interior design

In general, the interior design in the classic style should be symmetrical and harmonious, not necessarily in everything, bearing in mind that asymmetry or chaos in the design can distort the general view.

When implementing the classic style, natural materials must be used with warm, light and light colors, intertwined with harmonious colors that give the place warmth and intimacy. Furniture for this style should be decorated without wrinkles or precious stones, with different types of trees that are expensive.

As for the ceiling of the living room in this (classic) style, it is high and painted white, with stucco moldings and friezes added to it.

In the classic style, chandeliers for lighting, candlesticks and various types of floor lamps are used, and in the middle of the living room, a crystal chandelier with the walls covered either with wallpaper or paint with large and clear drawings on them.

The curtains used in this design style are heavy, folded up elegantly, and have a luxurious royal look. A large mirror is added to the room to complement the general view and give it more light while providing adequate ventilation to the room.


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