Interior design 70s in interior decoration

The classic interior design 70s style appeared in the design of interior decoration in the eighteenth century AD, and during those times France there was a kind of freshness in the acquisition and purchase of luxury and luxurious decor. As everyone knows how the French classic interior design contains a lot of unfamiliar items, very valuable and beautiful accessories and decorations, to be added to the overall design of the decor in a dazzling way.

The classic interior design 70s style in interior decoration, which we circulate at the present time, which is not only present and widespread in the heart of France, but also in the countries of the world as a whole.

I think that the classic interior design 70s interior decoration style is a mixture of Baroque, Rococo and Imperial styles, as the imperial style is considered the main in the design of rooms for the French, because for many centuries this style of decoration has not lost its popularity in France. As for the Rococo style, it is a noble style, and light colors are always used in it. The Baroque style helps create a royal image in the decor, with a little humility in the general features.

If we talk about modern French interior decoration at the present time, then we are talking about luxury and grandeur in the style of circulating decoration, but it offers many restricted methods, in addition to that it is now considered at its popular summit, with a thoughtful chaos in everything and it seemed as if it was on its way to extinction, but on Perspective Surface This style appears summarized by specific and clear points. In addition, this style of decoration is stunning, pure, simple and romantic, with positive energy.

Characteristics of the French style:

• Luxurious decor.
• light colors .
• Mirrors and metal furniture.
• You can use antique items.
• molded.
• Gold is considered suitable for decoration.
• Parquet or polished tiles are used on floors.
• A fireplace.
• High ceilings.

Shades in 70s interior decor:

The interior designs in this (French) style are mostly characterized by the use of pastel colors: beige, white, pale pink, caramel, pale blue, pale yellow, and light green. Dark shades can appear in the furnishings finish such as: brown, bronze, and gray, And juicy shades, but they are rarely used to create a bright touch such as: orange, red, blue and gold.

Achievement in 70s interior decoration:

Walls: There are two basic types of wall patterns that can be accepted in this type of décor and they are soft and fabric. Where the first type of walls is coated with types of pastel paints, while the second type of wallpaper is used with wonderful designs with fabric and embroideries, or by using vinyl paper in addition to venice plaster or liquid wallpaper.

Flooring: It is better to cover the surface layer of the ground floor with wooden parquet of yellowish amber color. In addition, a type of polished tile with unusual golden lines can be used.

Ceilings: The roof surface should be covered with gypsum boards, and molds made of polyurethane should be added in the final stages.

Living room in classic 70s style

Let's start with the color of the walls, the room will look great when painted in light beige, the floor is darker than the color of the walls, and the ceiling is white.

Furniture: It is better for simple, soft furniture to choose an elegant upholstery for it, with high wooden armrests for arms and thighs, and the color of the chairs and sofas varies between gray, brown, beige or white, and we can use the same method with cabinets and coffee table. The coffee table can be made of wood with the addition of some curved metal carvings on it and decorated with many engravings and patterns.

We cannot ignore the decorative part at all, as we can place pictures on the wall within elegant luxurious frames in addition to the wall mirror. We can also use lamps on the table, elegant candlesticks, large vases, as well as a fireplace and chiffon curtains with pillows embroidered with gold.

Classic interior design 70s bedroom decoration

As we previously took into account that the walls should be painted in a light color, the bedroom will look great in earthy shades of colors with a smooth gradient to golden, and we can cover the entire floor of the room with a soft carpet in earthy colors or gradient colors of beige. As for the bed, which is a basic piece of any bedroom, it is designed in the Roman style, with clear additions from previously manufactured molds, and the front of the bed is covered with light leather and the decorative pillows and pillows are placed in harmony with the overall design of the bed. In general, the milky color of the bed is preferred with wardrobe, chest of drawers and jewelery wardrobe. Add to the room various wall paintings, mirrors, candlesticks, and large vases.

Classic interior design 70s bathroom style

First of all, the bathroom must be well lit as possible, even with the window, which is an added advantage, and even with the absence of the window, we can provide the bathroom with many different industrial lighting devices, with wall lighting and lighting on the ceiling, so the ceiling and the floor together can Provide the bathroom with additional lighting to give it more spaciousness. In general, bathroom lighting should be between white and creamy blue colors. 

If you want to make the bathroom more romantic, you can cover the walls with moisture-resistant wallpaper with floral motifs.


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