AutoCAD files for stairs details

Stairs design is one of the most important elements of architectural and construction design. So, stair details should not be ignored and paid attention to in terms of functionality. Stairs are elements of attraction to space and the beauty of the place, as it is one of the most important elements of vertical movement and the transition between spaces.

Spiral stairs

If you want to learn more about the structural and architectural details of the stairs, in the link below you can find AutoCAD file for the different types of stairs, these files contain:

  1. DWG stair details of reinforced concrete staircase structure for multi-storey building.
  2. DWG architectural stair details for a multi-storey building which contains all floor plans and sections.
  3. DWG stair details file for details of reinforced concrete staircase structure for multi-storey building.
  4. DWG stair details file for AutoCAD drawing of a floating wooden tray. It's styled in pallet, supported by MS angle and strips. The drawing contains a ladder diagram and all sectional details.

We hope that these files will be sufficient to understand the details in the design of stairs. They can be used and downloaded in full from the link below.


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