Distribution of lighting Importance in house decoration

Lighting is one of the most important elements that influence the formation of the house decoration, because it gives the smoothness between the decoration elements, and it gives the balance in the interior design. The aesthetic composition of the decor, which in turn affects the psychological state and the feeling of comfort in the place, whether it is home decor, companies or offices decor, or other different decor designs.

The lighting distribution depends on the area and needs of the place, and the decoration elements in the design, and this requires knowledge of the different types of lighting that help in choosing the appropriate for the design of the decoration

This is what we deal with in the following points.

Types of lights:

Natural lighting: 

It is the lighting that comes from the sun, which contains a large amount of light, which in turn helps to illuminate the rooms in a way that is distributed over the room, which makes us use curtains to maintain the aesthetics of decoration and colors and obtain a suitable lighting distribution for the room.

Home Decor
Natural lighting

Directed lighting:

This type of lighting mainly used in living rooms, offices and public places. It is strong lighting that helps in the maximum distribution of lighting in the place.

Home Decor
Directed lighting on stairs

Home Decor
Directed lighting in the living room

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