The art of using colors in home interior design

In order to have a stylish and harmonious interior design, it is important that colors be mixed in a smooth and flexible manner.

Art is to obtain the design of the interior details of the decoration in a harmonious pattern, but not in one color only, this is a common and traditional pattern that happens a lot, but rather by forming an interesting combination of a group of basic neutral colors that imitate nature, contrasting, light and dark together.


Colors have a strong influence on our behavior and mood, so your choice of a certain color will depend on how comfortable you feel with it, but determining the percentage of colors used may cause confusion for many, so it is preferable to distribute the colors so that:

The main color occupies (60%) of the room space
Secondary color (30%) of room space
The third color usually helps to highlight the two previous colors that were chosen and it is recommended that it occupy (10%) of the space.

Taking into consideration that light colors are suitable for small and narrow rooms, as they make them appear more spacious, and low ceilings make them higher, and on the contrary, dark colors are used in large rooms or high ceilings.


The modular coordination method may be one of the easiest methods, but it is not the most beautiful and distinguished, but avoiding stereotypes does not necessarily mean that chaos prevails in the home, so try to find a focal point that will serve as the center of the room in which furniture is coordinated around such as a fireplace or television, and Also, make sure that the room includes things of different heights and lengths, but in a balanced way and comfortable for the eyes and soul.

Color plays a fundamental role in design, as the comfort of the eye begins with its acceptance of the color group that forms the design as a whole. When using colors in the field of decoration, it is necessary to focus on three important points:

First: The relationship between the colors used in terms of harmony.

Second: The balance in the proportions of color areas (the amount of colors, the degree of their radiance, and their proportionality with the area).

Third: the degree of saturation of the different colors used.

It must take into consideration the degree of harmony between the colors used .

The formations of colors have a strong effect on the souls of viewers when they are based on well-studied organizational and scientific foundations, and it is not necessarily the harmony between a specific number of colors.

Warm colors:

Colors like red, orange, yellow are warm colors. Specifically, we can say that warm colors are the colors that we usually see in fire.

Warm colors are often used to show cheerfulness, stark emotional state ... logos and images that use many warm colors

Colors like green, blue, and purple are considered cool colors. Specifically, we can say that cool colors are the colors that we usually see in nature (water, plants, the sky, etc.).

Cool colors are often used to show calm, calm activities. For example, hospitals use the green-blue color, combined with each other on the walls, to keep patients in the highest degree of calm.

Main Colors:

They are three colors that can be used to make all the other colors known to man. Red, blue and green are the main colors.


Sub-colors are the colors that you get when two of the primary colors are combined with equal values. When red mixes yellow, you get orange. And when mixing blue with yellow, you get green. And when you mix red with blue, you get violet.

Opposite colors:

By applying the rule of opposing colors, blue is harmonious with orange, red is consistent with green, and yellow is consistent with violet.


Halftone is: Colors like reddish orange and greenish yellow are halftones.

Our experience, which spanned over many years, helped us accomplish a lot of artworks for designing homes, commercial offices, restaurants and others in a professional way. We showed our passion for using colors in a clever way.


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