Ideas for garden and backyard design and decoration

1- One of the new ideas is to add some high-height shapes such as the obelisk or the vertical rocky monument and the cactus plant surrounded by a group of colorful roses, and you can also add another scene to this picturesque scene, a group of white flowers planted in abundance, giving you the view of snow and in the middle of it colorful flowers.

2- Add to your garden a large jar designed in a waterfall of calm sounds of water, surrounded by some pebbles and small colorful rocks and also green plantings of different heights. It is an ideal way to take your thinking off a little bit of backlog in your garden that must be finished.

3- You can put an unpolished wooden garden chair surrounded by potted planters mixed with colorful flowers, and decorate the floor with wooden pieces and small pebbles to give a nice look, distinctive and inexpensive when cleaning.

4- In one of the corners of the garden you can add a different decor: a flask with a bright color, such as blue, red, yellow, or other colors, which includes flowers of harmonious colors inside, creating a corner full of vitality and optimism.

5- In the midst of all these attractive views there must be an area for seating, recreation, and holding you can choose a suitable table and chairs in size, so as not to take up a large area of ​​the garden, and they must be of polished iron colored to withstand the fluctuations of the weather.

6- Decorate the walls in the garden, either at the entrance or at the stairs.

7- Put bright lights and brighten the walls in dark areas of your garden.

8- Place a large basket full of flowers and roses in the entrance to the house at the garden door.

9- If you have a fence of wood, you can create a distinctive scene by adding some hanging plants and hanging any kind of pendants, whether pottery, metal or painted panels, decorating the area with some small figures such as snails and seashells surrounded by some planting bottles.

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