Bedroom interior design

Furniture: Furniture and other accessories and additions vary in the bedroom in our days, this depends on the taste of the owners of the house and their local customs and traditions. For example, the master bedroom can include a bed of one size (double, king, or queen), and one or more tables with rugs as well.

Built-in wardrobes in a bedroom design are less common in Europe compared to North America, therefore there is an increase in the use of separate wardrobes or wardrobes in Europe.

The bedroom reflects the personality of the one who uses it, as well as the social class to which he belongs, and it is unique and distinctive for each person separately, but there are some things in common in most bedrooms of all types, so the mattress (bedding) needs to be raised from the ground, which contains Various types of decors and graphics. There are many different orders, in the fourteenth century the lower classes of the people slept on mattresses stuffed with straw (hay), and during the sixteenth century these mattresses became stuffed with feathers to gain more popularity, especially for people who are able to pay for them, as they can buy it after seven Years of their marriage.

In the eighteenth century, the use of cotton and wool in mattresses became more popular, and a coil spring mattress was not manufactured before 1871, as the most common mattresses were Innerspring mattresses. As for the texture, there are many different options for mattresses from soft and soft to hard.

The bedroom can contain a bunk bed if there is more than one person sharing the room. As for the small side tables, it has become a normal use in the room, as they are used to place many small things on it such as: alarm clock or small lampshades for lighting.

The presence of television in the bedroom is becoming popular. About 43% of children aged 3 to 4 years have a TV in their bedrooms, and there are also computers and video game consoles - which are more popular among teenagers in many parts. From Europe.

In Japan, photon mattresses have become very popular, in addition to a bed (or a bunk bed that two or more children share). A child's bedroom can include a small wardrobe, a toy box, a game computer, a bookcase (small library), and other things the child needs.

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