Do you like to live in a smart home?

Since technology has remained an integral part of our lives, it is natural that it enters everything we use, which is why now I stay in smart homes that feel you and can provide you with what you need without moving.

The smart home depends on the technology of the Internet of Things, which makes devices able to communicate with each other for the convenience of the user. Therefore, the house will help you if it is cold, and the air conditioning will turn you on if it is hot, in the morning it will open the windows and at night it will close them, and many other things will save you. Let's get acquainted with it here:

Depending on the external climate: the smart home opens or closes the curtains and windows, and in the case of the weather, it automatically opens the air conditioning or the heater,

As for the lighting, you can control it using your mobile phone. Other than that, there are types of smart bulbs that light up in used places and turn off lights in unused places.

Of course, the most important thing that distinguishes the smart home is the safety system, which provides you with surveillance cameras spread throughout the house and sensors that make you operate the travel system during your travels by opening the curtains and windows randomly to give the impression that someone is in the house, not to mention locking the house with a smart lock or The "Smart Lock" that can be locked remotely,

There are many other things in which the smart home is distinguished, as it creates the atmosphere for you to enjoy, for example, if you order it to turn on the home cinema, it will turn on the lights, it will close the curtains, it will turn the mobile phone into voice mail, and it will create a real cinema atmosphere in the house,

In addition to the fire alarm, it also has smart homes made of non-combustible or fireproof materials,

The electrical switches also operates on sensors, making it able to distinguish when it works and when it does not.

This is also the refrigerator that will alert you when the milk is almost finished, that you need to buy and in the advanced stages it will automatically be sent to the supermarket that you need something so and so to be sold to you.

You can adjust your smart home software with your mobile phone or tablet, so you will be able to monitor your home at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Although smart homes are "very smart", their spread is still limited because a large percentage of them are still being tested to be highly safe.

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