How to mix modern and classic style in home design

How can you choose your new home decor if you like so many different interior design styles? If you are unable to make a decision, then perhaps you should mix two styles together by combining the most beautiful and appropriate details of both in one design that represents your vision and personality.

Perhaps the mixture of modern and classic style is the most sought-after styles of the current era in interior design.

The classic interior design does not lose its luster with the passage of time as it shows the inspiration of noble and aristocratic life, and by mixing it with modern elements of modern style, it can highlight an elegant look.

When mixing two interior design styles together, it is important to choose one of them as a basic basis for the design and add details of the other style, for example, the classic style is adopted with the details of the modern style or the modern style is adopted with the details of the classic style, and all the details should be thought about so that the compatibility between the two styles is achieved in harmony. Complete.

The colors characteristic of the classic style, dubbed pastel pastel colors, can be used in muted tones and combined with the rich dark brown, green, dark blue, gold and bronze tones used in the upholstery and textile.

The feature of modern interior design is straight lines, perfect geometric shapes and functional furniture, and thus the design is dominated by the calm color spectrum.

The distinctive characteristics of each of the two styles make their mix in great harmony and attractiveness, and below we offer you ten tips on how to mix each of the two styles together:

First: As mentioned earlier, the first thing that you have to decide when mixing two styles is to choose the basic pattern, because it will determine the adoption of the basic and additional elements in the design.

Second: The two styles can be mixed together in two ways, one of which is in perfect harmony between the two styles, so they appear together as one pattern, and they can be mixed in a way in which there is a contradiction between the elements, but this method is considered very difficult to apply with an inexperienced hand.

Third: You can add some decorations to the walls or ceiling using gypsum to deepen the suggestion of the classic style and increase the richness of the smooth surfaces that are designed in the modern style.

Fourth: To make the interior design more comfortable, curve-edged furniture pieces can be used to reduce the sharpness of the corners and straight lines shown in modern design.

Fifth: Use natural materials for your furniture, which are characterized by the classic style and add an attractive and elegant elegance to the design.

Sixth: If classic interior design is the primary design in your choice, you may want to add simple furniture or modern lighting accessories in a modern style.

Seventh: You can dress up the large windows with a modern style with a classic curtain with rich texture, or you can give it a simple modern look by using simple one-color curtains if the room design is of a classic style.

Eighth: One of the smooth walls can be decorated with luxurious repulsive wall paper, so that the design allows the required movement without saturation.

Ninth: Use modern abstract art pieces in the classic design, as they will give the design an attractive modern touch.

Tenth: The most important element when mixing the two styles together is moderation in choosing the elements to avoid the design appearing in a crowded way.

These are some tips that must be followed to achieve an ideal result in blending two interior design styles that together form a beautiful model and a special imprint for each person.

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