Entrance design in villas and houses

There is space behind the front door for every home or apartment, it is considered a home ID card like the one that a person distributes to his clients. Either this space turns into a noisy, chaotic landscape that is filled with the needs of the family, or it is arranged with wonderful touches, because this space is like appetizers before eating, as it gives visitors an impression of what they can expect in relation to the rest of the house. The leading hall is sometimes crammed with bags and thus is not a decent place to welcome the guest, as design experts say, and conversely, the space that is planned and kept clean and elegant may arouse the guest's curiosity to see more parts of the house. The first step to achieving elegance in this space is to masterfully combine the basic ingredients.

Experts say that the guest judges a lot of things during the first ten seconds, and the passage from the door to the hall is a miniature shape that reveals its appearance what awaits the visitor in the rest of the house and therefore should not be used for storage purposes. And to restore beauty to this space, they recommend moving things from the place and storing them in a small, flat and invisible closet as much as possible, provided that they occupy the least possible space. Another essential piece used to place small items such as key chains and letters waiting to be sent. The traditional model in this case is customizing a basket or plate, but there are many other options.

A small seat can be used at the entrance. The second step is the accessories, so the entrance is often left as it is, but it should be decorated nicely in order to benefit from it as much as possible, and in small apartments, this entrance can be converted into an additional room by means of a beautiful design, and to achieve this goal, appropriate accessories must be used such as placing a mirror. Close to the door so one will be able to inspect their general appearance before leaving the house.

Decor experts advise that the owner of the apartment or house himself puts the guest's place and asks what is the first thing the eye falls upon when entering, and the answer is that it must be something beautiful such as an innovative poster or a bouquet of flowers, or sticking paper on the wall and covering the floor uniquely. 

The third step is good lighting, and in this context the experts explain that the lighting should be bright but in proportion to the house, and because there is rarely a window in the entrance, especially in apartments, proper and strong lighting should be taken care of, and the size and shape of the entrance determines the appropriate lighting, and experts advise here Not to use directed lights (spotlights), which are by means of which light is shed or focused on certain points and are widely used, as they suggest the atmosphere of offices, and they say that spherical lights give a home feeling. The fourth step is to emphasize any special advantages and hide any defects, as you must think of the entrance to your home as if you are thinking of yourself, you want to highlight your beauty and hide features that may not indicate beauty, and therefore you must cover the problem sites in the entrance, so the narrow entrance For example, the long one can make it appear shorter and wider by placing mirrors in a longitudinal way, and you can play with colors, as vertical lines can make the entrance with a low ceiling appear higher.

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