How to get started planning the house

Of course, first of all, we define the basic functions of the allocated space, and then verify the limits of the total area from all sides, and last but not least, linking all departments with a smart and attractive system.

In the second stage, we consider each separate room on its own that has its own functions that we can use for it, then divide it into zones and angles, and then draw up a plan for the furniture pieces according to each room (a specific area) and its basic function such as bedrooms, for example, living rooms ... etc ...

Organizing the living space (living room) We search for the most appropriate and optimal solutions for the interior decoration scheme, which must be related to the structure and decoration of the building to take into account the lighting and lighting workers.

Living room planning, this planning process is a very important stage for any interior decoration project, and any errors or unexpected changes in it can cause fundamental complications for the residents of the house, apartment or villa alike.

Our architects will give you their advice on how to rationally and properly plan the specific space of your interior decoration project to make it more suitable for living that meets modern standards.

From ancient times to the present day, the main purpose of a home or housing is for sleeping, cooking and eating and for rest, so the design of the living room (the living room) must be far from these other basic needs.

Our blog team for interior design offers you a wide range of different space plans, including one-room apartments, villas, and office spaces. One of the effects of perfect interior decoration on your life is that it turns your home into a warm and comfortable corner.

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