The 7 most common mistakes in interior design

Designing all interior details in one style is considered art, but making it in one color is a traditional and common mistake. Closely merge with this issue by using preferred seed colors and forming an interesting mix of colors that can be of neutral character or tone, or contrast between dark and light colors together.

One of the most common mistakes is decorating with artificial flowers, as professionals in this field do not recommend that you use dry flowers in your home, and it is preferable to replace them with natural flowers, as they are the best. Also, the use of many pillows on the sofas makes the home atmosphere more comfortable, but sometimes when you increase their number more than necessary, their presence on the sofa can cause chaos and lack of comfort at the same time, so we recommend getting rid of extravagance in this area.

An excess of furniture and decor is one of the enemies of beauty and comfort.

Do not hide the windows, and installing curtain rods at a low height is also a common line, which suggests diminutive and gives you a sense of smallness and shortness as the room seems smaller than it is, so these bars should be adjacent to the ceiling to give a feeling of length, generosity and magnitude and give a sense of grandeur and spaciousness. Do not buy furniture for your home before choosing the right paint colors, choose the right paint colors before furnishing. It is evident that it is very difficult to match the colors to the furniture

To install color paintings on the wall very high, because it will harm the general view of the wall and thus the room itself, so the frescoes should be placed at the height of the human eye.

In our blog we will be very happy to help you decorate your home and avoid these mistakes


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