The concept of artificial intelligence

Definition of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a software package, not an electrical device, that aims to make the machine capable of achieving a specific goal in a manner similar to humans or sometimes beyond the ability of humans.

History of artificial intelligence

Research in artificial intelligence is ancient and complex, dating back to 1956 AD, when scientists in the middle of the twentieth century AD began to explore a new approach in order to build smart machines, and based on the recent discovery in neuroscience, and the development of cybernetics through the invention of the digital computer, machines were invented. Simulate the arithmetic thinking process of a human being.

Types of artificial intelligence

1- Narrow artificial intelligence: which specializes in one area, for example there are artificial intelligence systems that can defeat the world champion in the game of chess, which is the only thing they do.

2- General Artificial Intelligence: This type refers to computers with the level of human intelligence in all fields, that is, it can perform any intellectual task that a person can do. Creating this kind of intelligence is much more difficult than the previous type and we haven't reached that level yet.

3- Artificial superintelligence: Philosopher Nick Bostrom of the University of Oxford defined superintelligence as “a thought that is much smarter than the best human minds in almost every field, including scientific creativity, general wisdom and social skills.” Because of this type, the field of artificial intelligence is an interesting field of depth. with it.

Artificial intelligence formation

Artificial intelligence consists of a set of different goals and capabilities to include the ability to learn, organize and understand science.

Examples of this:

Understanding the sound.
Audio and video analysis.
Emotional and social interaction.

Examples of artificial intelligence

Among the things that we may use in our lives that use artificial intelligence:

Siri: Apple's personal assistant.

Google Assistant: the personal assistant in Android phones, as the feature of converting human speech into a machine readable format is one of the most important uses of artificial intelligence technology provided by Google in all Android systems.

Intelligent robots.

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