5 tips when buying a new sofa

The sofa is an essential piece in every home, as it is the concept of comfortable sitting at home, and it is usually part of the salon room, and many also prefer it to be part of the living room or even sleeping where relaxation and comfort. That is why our blog will help you choose the right sofa.

1- The size of the sofa

The size of the room is what determines the size of the sofa, the size of the sofa may look different in the furniture store due to the lighting and space, so it is better to take the room measurements and the sofa measurements to choose the appropriate size for the space.

2- The shape of the sofa

Before buying a new sofa, you must try it first, meaning that it must suit your needs if you prefer it to be with or without arms, to have an appropriate height and so on.

3- The style of the sofa

The sofa must be appropriate to the taste of the house in general, for example you cannot put a modern sofa with classic furniture or vice versa, as you must mix between pieces of furniture.

4- Choose fabrics and colors

You must choose the fabric of the sofa according to its use and where it will be located, because a lot of use requires thick fabrics that can withstand use and are easy to clean, but if you are going to put them in a place with little use, you can choose suitable fabrics for that, the same applies to colors.

5- Quality

Whatever material is used to manufacture the sofa, it must be durable and solid that can last for a long time, even if its price is somewhat high, because that will save you a lot later.


Before deciding to buy a new sofa, your decision must be based on your needs and choose the sofa according to the general decor of your home.

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