Types of doors

The door is the facade of the house which is the first thing that any guest who visits the house faces, therefore choosing the perfect door is very important. For this, there are many types and shapes of doors, whether the door at the entrance to the house, or the doors of different rooms in the house.

Before you choose the ideal door for your home, first determine the entire decor of the house, then think about the door that will be appropriate with this decor. 

When choosing a door for the entrance of the house, it is preferable to choose a door that has a completely different color than the color of the wall, for example if the wall is painted white, you can choose a yellow door, so the color of the door is distinct and does not dissolve in the color of the wall (background). If the background color is orange, the door can be chosen with a light red color, so the door will be visible even from a distance, and thus makes the home design more beautiful.

Types of doors

There are many different door designs, here are some of them:

Wooden door

Wood is often chosen as an essential ingredient in many doors due to its high quality, high durability and extreme hardness.

Steel door

More solid and provides you with severe protection. The iron door is the most luxurious and elegant one. It is often chosen because of its distinctive designs and modern look.

Iron door

Greater protection, more modern design. It may not be the most popular, but it definitely offers you the most protection.

Fiberglass doors

The single door
The most popular design, and this type helps a lot in small spaces.

Double door
More beautiful design but needs more space. Suitable for luxury homes and villas, as it adds a distinctive elegance and occupies a huge area.

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