How to choose a suitable decor for your home

The decor is great in our daily life, where the decoration is formed and varies according to the different tastes, and this is what makes each person have a special perception and construction in his mind for the decor of his home, and from here he begins to put all the perceptions in some simple drawings before starting the design of the decoration in order to choose a suitable decor for the place who wants to make a decor It is preferable to use a person with experience in the field of decoration

In order to choose a suitable décor for your home, you must first know and see more than one style and which of them is your favorite style, the home decor reflects the personality, customs and traditions of the owner, so many people like the modern style, which is characterized to a large extent by simplicity and others love the classic style, and each of them has its charm, elegance and spirit The special ones that reflect the extent of beauty and sophistication.

Then comes the smoothness and harmony of the colors of the walls with the colors of the floors and their material as well as the type of paint and the extent of its consistency with the rest of the types of paint in the other rooms and the effect of the lighting in them and use them in a way that suits the colors of each room and create the spirit of each color with the appropriate lighting.

And choosing the colors and their material that matches the furniture, the colors of the curtains and the textiles, and this is one of the most important elements that help you choose the decor of your home.

The design of the decoration also depends on the area of ​​the house, which greatly controls the drawing of the decoration, although there are some tricks that show the place more spacious, such as colors, lighting, and the use of three-dimensional wall papers that give depth and space and there are some models of how to use after the tricks to expand the area of ​​the house.

From the above it is clear to us that the choice of your home decor depends on your choice and determination of the style that suits your taste as well as the colors, its rawness, the type of paint and its harmony with the furniture and textiles, taking into account this with the area of ​​the house, as some consider his home as an artistic oasis that he paints in the harmony of colors and furniture, which makes him feel comfortable psychologically It is important in choosing a decoration design.

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