The most important questions that you should ask an interior designer before work

Before starting to create your own interior design, you need a lot of information and knowledge in the field of decoration design and collect some of the important questions that you must ask the decorator before work.

In order to help you choose the appropriate decor designer and communicate your perceptions in the design of the decoration in a way that can be implemented as It is in your imagination, but before asking questions, we have to get to know the personality of the decorator and the nature of his work, as some names are mixed on the personality of those who carry out the design work, which makes many of us not aware of what the decorator offers and what is the appropriate name for the interior designer in the design work Some people call him an interior designer, while others call him an interior designer, despite the difference in the concept and work of what the interior designer does and what the interior designer does, so it is necessary to first know what is the difference between the concept and the decoration works that the interior designer and designer does Internal.

The difference between an interior designer and an interior designer in terms of concept and design work:

The difference in terms of concept: the interior designer is the one who is concerned in the first place in organizing and coordinating all decor elements in terms of sizes and mathematical proportions of building patterns with attention to the finishing elements for walls and floors, organizing furniture and choosing the appropriate colors for each room according to its nature and style of decoration in it.

So the decor engineer focuses mainly On the aesthetic side of the decoration, the interior designer is more comprehensive than the interior designer, as he is interested in studying the materials and their impact on the client's behaviors and their interaction with them inside the place, the method of building the spaces, their division and their relationship with each other, and the psychological and aesthetic factors affecting the client.

The difference in terms of design work: the interior designer one of the most important tasks of his work is to create an aesthetic aspect in the design and distribute the furniture in a manner commensurate with the place, as well as choosing the furnishings and fabrics used in them, floors, the quality of tiles and ceramics, its shape, color and type, with the design of appropriate lighting for each room and place within the design, as for the designer The internal work includes many facets as he has the ability to design and build places with tools that maintain the safety and well-being of the customer.

Also he has the ability to find immediate solutions to any functional problem in the place, and to do the work of the exterior decorator and the work of the destinations of houses and villas, while also doing the tasks of an engineer Decoration and creating aesthetic creativity in design.

After separating the confusion in the names of the interior designer and knowing the difference between an interior designer and an interior designer, we can now define the questions that must be asked to the interior designer before starting work.

1. Previous experiences and technical works: Before starting work, the designer must know the experience of the designer, the number of years thereof, some approved certificates and his qualifications in the field of design, with the knowledge of the previous various works of his design, whether they were printed or published on the Internet by his own website.

2. Requirements and duration of work: One of the most important things that must be taken is to determine the requirements of the work, and to develop a plan for decoration with the designer based on your perceptions of the shape of the decoration and what the designer needs to implement what you want to the fullest, while also specifying a period for the beginning and end of work in order to prepare the necessary arrangements.

3. Staff and leadership: The question about the staff and leadership of the work is very important, so you must ask the designer if he will hire a staff, either he has a special work team and also know how the staff will be managed and whether he will manage the leadership of the work. Or will another person accompany him in the leadership, knowledge All this makes determining the budget of the staff and workers.

4. Budget and payment system: You must set a budget in line with your financial capabilities and put it to the interior designer so that you know whether the budget matches the model that you have chosen or not, also know the payment system and the amount that the decorator wants in advance, so that you can determine the amount of money you need before starting work .

5. Contract: It is necessary to inquire about all the terms of the contract that you will conclude with the designer, and this is what prevents any disputes from occurring during the completion of the work.

These important questions make you choose the appropriate decorator for your business, and also know the different tasks of the work team, and set a budget commensurate with the financial capabilities available to you so that the design of the decoration is not a burden on you.

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