How to renew your home decor without any cost

Home decor is one of the most important factors affecting the psychological state, which helps greatly to improve it and the constant sense of comfort and relaxation everywhere in the house, and this may make many of us always renew the decor of his home so that he does not get some boring and distress towards the house, especially since it is the place where we spend It is a time for relaxation and comfort from all pressures.

Despite the constant need to change the home decor, the burden of cost always stands in front of us and this is what prompted us to write some solutions and advice for you to renew the decor of all rooms of the house at the lowest possible cost without bearing any burdens on your own budget.

The decoration can be renewed with a lot of things, such as changing the colors of the walls or changing some places of furniture with the purchase of new furniture for it or using some simple-priced accessories with changing the lighting of the place all of these are simple and easy-to-implement things and steps that you can start with immediately, but must before starting In this, to put a plan that suits the needs of each room of change and what is appropriate for it from these steps so that the change adds a renewal that suits your psychological state and makes you feel comfortable in the place, so we brought you ideas for the renewal of the decor in each room.

1. The living room

It is one of the most important rooms in the house because it is a place where the family gathers, and it also contains a lot of different decor elements that must suit all family members and bring them comfort, so some of the decor elements must be changed without defecting the interior design pattern of the living room , So we start by changing the places of furniture and tables that help to change the place of sitting with the entry of some new accessories and adding new fabrics also to the furniture such as dressing it or painting the furniture in new colors with the change of the colors of one of the walls of the room and also changing the position of the TV and adding accessories beside it that make the shape of its place and its position different some The thing is what it was, because it is the focus of focus in the living room and must be changed from it in order for you to feel the renewal in the room

2. The bedroom

It is a rest, relaxation and rejuvenation room, so it is always necessary to renew it. Our start is from the lighting that creates a new look by changing some of its colors and adding lamps in new places in the room. The colors of the walls also change in proportion to the lighting and be in harmony in the room with the setting of frames and paintings. New and simple carpeting in the floor with a distinctive color change of curtains.

3. The kitchen

Every housewife seeks to renew her own property in the house, which is represented in the kitchen. It is the place where the housewife spends most of her time and tries to renew it in order to create a comfortable atmosphere in which it helps her to complete the cooking work. The kitchen decor can be renewed by adding Some new furnishings with the addition of stickers with different graphics and colors to increase your activity and put them on the wall ceramics and stove, change the fridge linens, also make new lighting units with the purchase of some simple kitchen accessories, all this makes your kitchen decor a new look.

4. The bathroom

The bathroom is one of the pillars of the interior design of home decor, so it is necessary to take care of it and make a permanent renewal of its own decor. The bathroom decor relies heavily on its renewal on mirrors and curtains because they are one of the basic elements in bathroom decor, and add some colored frames to the mirrors with changing colors The curtains to bright colors and the use of suitable lighting for them makes the place more spacious through its interaction and harmony with the bright curtains and gives the bathroom decor a distinctive and renewed impression.

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