Make your home decor suitable for winter

Make your home decor suitable for the winter when the winter season arrives

Many are interested in changing the decor and shape of the house to suit the nature of winter and increasing the touch of warmth throughout the house, as some resort to filling the decoration with furniture and furnishings in order to increase the warmth of the place and others resort to changing the colors of the house and lighting to feel the atmosphere of winter The gentle, romantic, comfort and start with the winter.

With different tastes and opinions, many ideas appear that you can resort to to change the decor of your home and suit it with winter, and this is through the addition and change of some decor elements that greatly affect the formation of warmth in a subtle winter atmosphere comfortable for all tastes and this is what we deal with in some decor elements The following:

Upholstery and curtains: Using some heavy lined upholstery with curtains and increasing the number of pillows on pieces of furniture makes the house warmer, with changing the furnishings and curtains to some heavy lining materials such as chamois, wool and some embossed leather, also using dark winter colors (brown, black, beige) ...) and coordinating them with some hot colors (red, yellow, green) and the integration of each other in the furnishings and curtains gives a sense of the delicacy of the winter atmosphere and psychological comfort in the winter season.

Floors and carpets: Parquet is the best choice for home flooring as it retains its natural temperature in winter and summer, where it is warm in winter and cool in summer, and this is what makes preserving it without carpets better. Heating factors in the home.

Walls and lighting: Of course, it is difficult to change the colors of the walls with each season of the year, but this can be compensated for when drawing the winter decor, it is possible to use wallpaper suitable for the winter season such as paper for winter paintings and some landscapes that express winter and are confined to most of the colors white and black, or use also Some paintings of cloudy sky and rain, which give a lively and romantic feeling for winter and express it, lighting also has the effect of magic in drawing better decor in the winter by distributing natural lighting in the house and this is through arranging and reducing some of the furniture and accessories corresponding to the source of natural light, also the use of quiet lighting Fading, which gives a more intimate and warm feeling of the home.

Accessories: One of the most important elements that make a complete change in the shape of the decor, which can be designed by designing the type of decoration and its mark indicating, clarifying, and adding to its inclination of other elements of the decor, so it is necessary to choose some accessories suitable for the winter season, for example using wooden-made accessories in dark colors suitable The shapes and colors of other elements such as upholstery and carpets also use wool accessories with the introduction of some natural accessories, such as natural stones with flowers and dried tree leaves. Natural accessories give a feeling of comfort and warmth.

The heater: It is indispensable to use the heater in the winter, as it is one of the first winter decorations required in the house, it can be located in the traditional form in the center of the main wall, which suggests warmth and romance and stimulates family gathering in winter nights, while decorating it from the outside with marble or brick stone and placing a carpet opposite it Of non-combustible raw materials in order to be prevented from fires, also when using the electric heater, its size and color must be commensurate with the size of the room and the colors of other decor elements, and in the absence of a fireplace it is possible to replace some of the large candles in separate places of the room with the placing of some other candles With beautiful aromatic scents that complement all decon elements and create a warm and comfortable winter decor.

There has to be a constant change in the decor of the home, which must suit our mood and psychological state, so start changing and shaping your home decor with each season of the year and you will feel the difference in your psychological state.

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