The most beautiful islands in the world


The island is a land surrounded by water on all sides, and the group of islands is known as the archipelago. Islands are usually found in seas, oceans and rivers, and are continental or oceanic; If islands are formed near the coasts of continents, and part of them remains above the ocean surface and separated by ocean waters from the continent, then they are called continental islands, and this separation is usually from the continent due to sculpting factors. Continental islands are characterized by their characteristics similar to those of the nearby continent; In terms of types of plants, animals, and geological features.

As for oceanic islands, they are islands far from land, and the reasons for their formation are due to the movement of the earth's crust that raises part of the ocean floor to the top, which leads to its emergence above the ocean surface level. the interior of the Earth by erupting volcanoes at the bottom of the ocean; Where these lava accumulate and form islands, as in the case of the island of Hawaii, the island of Hawaii rises above the ocean level by about 9,700 m; That is approximately 32,000 feet.

It can be said that the main reasons for the formation of islands are either internal factors, or external factors; It may arise as a result of sedimentation factors that occur at the bottom of the oceans, which leads to the formation and accumulation of sediments along the seashore or the river, to form islands known as low salt islands. ocean.

The most beautiful islands in the world

The islands differ from each other in their topography and nature. For example, there are islands that are surrounded by water on all sides, and filled with sparkling sand that gives comfort to the soul, and there are islands filled with forests and bushes, but most of the islands share one characteristic, which is calm and distance from the hustle; Where a person can go to spend a special vacation, enjoy calm and relaxation, and the following is a list of the most beautiful islands in the world: 

Maldives (English: Maldives):

It is a group of small islands, numbering about 1,000 islands and more adjacent to each other, located in the Indian Ocean, about 600 km to the south of India, and it is worth noting that most of these islands are so small that they hardly accommodate a small village in them, and can be To say that 80% of them are not inhabited at all. The Maldives is an independent country called the Republic of Maldives, its capital is the island of Male, and the Maldives is one of the smallest countries in the world; Its area does not exceed 300 km2, and its maximum height is not more than 24 m above sea level. They are flat and flat islands. As for their beaches, they are distinguished by their beauty that attracts visitors from all over the world, and colorful fish and distinctive coral reefs abound in their waters. 

Bora Bora (English: Bora Bora):

It is an island located in French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean, and it is one of the volcanic islands distinguished by its tropical beauty and forests decorated with palm trees. With beautiful fish, turtles, and sharks.

Palawan (English: Palawan):

It is an island and a province in the Philippines, located in the southwest direction of Borneo, and is characterized by its sparkling white sand in addition to the large number of palm trees in it, and on the island an amazing diversity of fish and coral reefs that the visitor can enjoy looking at by practicing diving, and there is also life Diversified wilderness as well as fishing villages, as well as luxurious resorts surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes. One of the most important places to attract visitors on the island is Puerto Princesa National Park, which is characterized by its underground cave system; Where it represents a cave built of limestone, on the side of which is a long river.


It is an archipelago, or a group of islands located east of Kenya. It consists of approximately 115 coral and granite islands. It has been included in the UNESCO list; Due to its attractive forests, thriving coral reefs, and volcanic beaches decorated with palm trees surrounded by giant rocks, islands and tropical reserves constitute nearly half of its total area. Seychelles is an important destination for fishermen; It is characterized by the presence of many fishing places rich in fish, and it is also a favorite destination for divers.

Santorini (English: Santorini):

Santorini is located in Greece, and it is an amazing island characterized by white buildings located below the volcanic cliffs, and these buildings are distinguished by their attractive blue domes that reflect the beauty of the sea, and the most attractive destinations on the island are the settlements of Fira and Oia, and Oia is one of the most photographed areas in the world, On the island there are ancient archaeological sites, such as: Thira, where the sandy beach of Perissa, distinguished by its black color, and the visitor can sail on this amazing island; It is surrounded by cliffs that give it an unforgettable aesthetic appearance.

Cook (English: Cook):

The Cook Islands are a group of islands or an archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean, and it consists of about 15 islands located between French Polynesia and Samoa, and it has a close relationship with New Zealand. In the South Pacific region, Rarotonga is the main hub for tourism and attraction, with its luxurious resorts along with lush, attractive peaks.

Bali (English: Bali):

It is an island located in Indonesia, and it is considered one of the charming islands with its beauty and warm tropical atmosphere, and is characterized by the presence of Hindu temples, and green rice fields that give it an aesthetic appearance, as well as many markets, and hot baths, and the sports that the visitor can practice in it is surfing and swimming. The visitor can also explore the tourist attractions in it, and can reach the neighboring island of Lombok and enjoy its beauty as well.

Dalmatia (English: Dalmatian):

Located in the Adriatic Sea next to the coast of the State of Croatia, Dalmatia is a group of charming islands, which include strange and attractive villages, full of wonderful hotels and restaurants, and among the most beautiful islands is the island of Brac, known for its Golden Horn Beach, and the island of Hvar, distinguished by its Gothic churches And the car-free old city, which also has a private fishing port, and the island of Korcula, which is distinguished by its white buildings with red roofs, in addition to the island of Mljet, which has two inland salt lakes that distinguish it from other islands.

Fiji (English: Fiji):

It is a tropical island characterized by its smiling residents who welcome visitors most welcome, and what gives it its beauty is its white sand decorated with sprawling palm trees, and its diverse coral reefs, and the visitor can practice fishing, diving, and surfing, and on the island of Fiji there are many festivals organized Celebrated by celebrities, and there are many luxurious resorts that attract visitors, the island is a great destination for families who aspire to spend a vacation of rest and relaxation.

Kauai (English: Kauai):

It is known as the Garden Island (in English: The Garden Isle), and the reason for its name is the abundance of indoor rainforests in it, and it is also characterized by the presence of waterfalls descending from the lava in it, and it is worth noting that the beauty of this island is not limited to the presence of diverse plants and rainforests, but the presence of The amazing beaches where fish and turtles are diverse, and the visitor can practice diving and snorkeling, and it is one of the quietest islands; Where the visitor relaxes to a large extent.

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