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Many people are confused when they want to buy furniture in good quality wood that has high endurance and lasts for a longer period. There are many types of wood, including: hard wood, soft wood, and each of these types has certain characteristics that distinguish it, and its own uses that make it preferred. In this article, we will talk about the distinctive characteristics of wood, and the most famous and most prominent types of wood found in the countries of the world.

wood properties

Wood is evaluated according to the characteristics that distinguish it, including:

  • Hardness: There are two types of wood; Hard wood, soft wood. These names do not refer to the degree of hardness of wood, but rather to the type of trees from which they were taken, and hardwoods do not necessarily have to be more solid than soft woods. Anesthesia, and in general it can be said that most types of hardwoods are more solid than most types of softwoods, with exceptions. Hardwood is more valuable than softwood, with exceptions too.
  • Wood construction: The construction of wood depends on the size of the type of cells that make up the wood; They are wooden vessels. If the vessels are very small, the wood has a narrow texture or close to the grains, and is characterized as having a smooth texture. Examples include beech, birch, maple, cherry, sandalwood, and gum. If the cells are large, the wood has Broad and coarse textures such as oak, walnut, mahogany, rosewood and teak. Although softwood does not contain wooden containers, for practical purposes it is classified as close-grained wood.
  • Fiber and color: Some types of wood have straight, wavy, or striped fibers, and they vary in color, including white, pale yellow, red, purple, and black.

Types of wood

The following are the most important types of wood.

Beech wood

Beech wood is extracted from beech trees, which are deciduous trees, native to the temperate and subtropical regions of the northern hemisphere. There are about ten species of beech trees, including Chinese beech, Japanese beech, and Mexican beech. The color of the beech wood is brownish-red. It is used in the manufacture of furniture, floors, shipping containers, tool handles, wooden tools, and types of beech wood:

American beech: It is characterized by hardness and hardness. European beech: Also known as common beech, it is a type of wood.

Oak wood

Oak wood is extracted from oak trees that grow in the northern hemisphere, and they are trees that may be evergreen, or deciduous. Oak wood is characterized by strength, flexibility, durability, the beauty of its fibers, and its resistance to pests, as well as its multiple colors; It includes white, red, and black oaks. Its uses are similar to the uses of beech wood, as it is used to make luxurious expensive furniture, floors, wooden tools, pot handles, in buildings, and in making wooden beams used to install mines, and in railway boards, and barrels.

Ash wood

Ash wood is a solid wood, and its types include white elm, whose trees grow in eastern North America, European elm, black elm, and red elm. It is characterized by strength and flexibility at the same time; It is therefore used to make bows, fancy baseball bats, hurley sticks, guitar boxes, and office furniture. Black meran is used to make bamboo baskets, and is also used as firewood.


Basswood is an inexpensive hardwood, with straight and close-grained fibers, and very small pores. Its color ranges from creamy white to creamy brown or reddish brown.


Birch wood or bars is a type of hard wood, yellowish-brown in color, and its grains are close, and it is moderate in price, and it is used in the manufacture of all types of furniture.


Cedar wood is one of the most expensive types of soft wood, and there are several types of it, including: white cedar, eastern red cedar, western red cedar, Japanese cedar, and others. The color of cedar wood is dull red, and its surface contains lines and knots, and is used for the manufacture of boxes, tanks, pencils, small boats, and bricks.

White pine

Pine wood is one of the most expensive types of soft wood, and its color ranges from cream to yellowish-brown, and its grains are close, and growth rings are clearly visible on it. It is used for the manufacture of all types of furniture of different models, it is widely used in the manufacture of furniture in the colonial style, as well as in the modern style.

Black cherry wood is prepared

Black cherry wood is a type of hardwood with close grains, and its color ranges from light brown to dark reddish brown, and is characterized by the beauty of its grains and is used in the manufacture of furniture, especially beautiful expensive cabinets, and is usually painted with light paint to highlight its color. One of the disadvantages of black cherry wood is that it is difficult to deal with using hand tools, and its high price.


Elm wood is a type of hard wood that can be curved, and its color ranges from light brown to dark brown, and it often contains red stripes, and its grains are attractive and beautiful. It is used to make all kinds of furniture, especially curved wood. Ash wood is rare; As a result of the exposure of elm trees to Dutch elm disease, which killed many of them, it is therefore expensive.

Mahogany wood

Mahogany wood is one of the most valuable types of wood in the world, and is used in the manufacture of high-quality furniture, from which the wood veneer is extracted. The color of mahogany is between brown, reddish brown, and dark red, and its grains are distinctive and attractive.

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