Types of chairs

The chair is a basic and important piece in every home, and if we look closely, we will find that our homes are full of different types of chairs, as every room contains a different design of chairs, and the following are the most important types of chairs in every home:

1- The rotating chair

Usually this chair has moving wheels and the base is swivel for ease of movement and is characterized by a simple and modern design and fits office furniture or is suitable for sitting in front of a computer.

2- The chair without arms

Often these chairs are upholstered and elegant, with different designs and are also comfortable and can be placed in the salon or the living room. It is a different and special piece that serves as an addition to the room.

3- Al-Futia

Often distinguishes the footie chair is that it is upholstered and very comfortable and has two arms for more comfort, as we find that the Futie is characterized by the upholstery of the back and the seat, and the shapes and types of the footie chairs vary between large, small, long and simple chairs.

4- Relaxation chair

This chair combines the features of a sofa and a chair, sometimes called a chair and a half because it is slightly larger than the chair and smaller than the sofa, as it is characterized by its medium size and its simple design and can be placed in one of the corners of the living room or bedroom. It is characterized by its simple upholstery, comfortable back, and a variety of designs and colors to suit various decor styles.

5- Shezlong

The chaise longue is considered a type of chair and a very comfortable piece, especially after a long day outside the house, and it is characterized by calm flowing designs that make it a distinctive piece for the living room or bedroom.


There are many types and shapes of home chairs that differ in their designs and colors, and it remains the first choice for you to suit your needs, and to suit your home decor as well.


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