Different ideas for choosing the colors of your home

Colors are one of the most important elements of decoration design, as they create a balance between the elements of decoration and are affected by this in the psychological state and mood of many, and this is what makes everyone interested in choosing the colors and making them harmonious with each other, so the colors of the walls must be in line with the colors Furniture, textiles, furnishings, curtains, and accessories also have the colors of each wall and every room with the other, as if it were a harmonious artistic work in all its corners so that it creates harmony and harmony between the elements of the decor and makes the design in its best form of elegance and beauty and increases the feeling of psychological comfort and this is what everyone is looking for.

Different ideas for how to choose the colors of your home and their coordination with each other through the following:

The colors of the walls and floors: 

Opinions and tastes differ in choosing the colors of the walls, which depend greatly on knowing the characteristic of each color and what fits each room and its effect on the psychological state. Therefore, the division of colors must be known and what each color means and its effect.

Where the colors are divided into:

Warm colors: (red, yellow and orange)

* Red: It is a color full of energy and romance and is also a light color for appetite so it is recommended in dining rooms and it is preferable not to overuse it as it can be used on one wall only and it can also be used through a set of pillows, bedspreads or furniture or mixed with some pieces of furniture or The accessories are white or pink.

* Yellow: it is a color that draws attention and makes you feel joy and spread the light, it also helps to focus and intellectual work, so it is preferred to use it in offices and children's rooms, and it must be used in certain degrees so that it does not affect psychologically adversely, and it is preferable to mix it always with some simple accessories in green or blue to make a balance In the colors inside the room.

* Orange: It is the least warm color and is recommended by many in the living rooms because it is a warm and intimate color, it is a color that brings joy, increases energy and activity, and treats depression.

Cold colors: (blue, green and purple)

Blue: It is an ideal color from the best cold colors because it brings comfort, calm, psychological peace and serenity, and helps to relax the senses, and it is also suitable for all tastes due to its many shades from pure marine blue to eastern turquoise blue, but it is not recommended in dining rooms because it is It reduces appetite and can be used with accessories in warm colors, such as orange and yellow.

Green: It is a color that makes you feel the vitality of nature in your room and sends hope, safety, reassurance, and a sense of comfort and relaxation because of its positive effect on the nervous system, which also makes it anti-stress and therefore it is highly preferred in bedrooms.

Violet: It is the color of romance and tenderness, and it is also one of the elegant colors, but it is preferred to use lighter shades of it because darker shades absorb light and make you feel depressed, and it is a suitable color for bedrooms and children.

• Neutral colors: white, black, gray, beige, brown, etc…)

All neutral colors are considered basic colors in decor design, as they are used in wood paints, ceilings and floors, where the use of neutral colors closely coordinates with natural materials such as wood and stones, and the advantage of these colors is that they add elegance and beauty and give the place a bright light, which helps to spread light throughout the house as well Play an important role in the process of color balance with each other.

The colors of the furniture and accessories:

The colors of the walls control the determination of the furniture and accessories used, after painting the walls comes after that the selection of furniture and accessories commensurate with the colors of the walls, as the colors of the walls and the decoration style determine the style of the furniture, whether it is contemporary or classic, so each direction has a group of Furniture designs are influenced by color and affect it, as the calm colors of the walls and ceilings impart an elegant and attractive touch, when modern furniture occurs in the room. As for the classic style, it prefers walls with metallic designs and effects, in gold and brown, or silver and black, or gold and stone, which impresses the space with brilliance, generally light colors are used such as: (sugar, beige, white and their inclusions) for the walls to suit most furniture and accessories.


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