How to save from salary

Housing Cost Assessment

Housing costs may take a large part of the family budget, and it is preferable to allocate no more than 25% of the salary for housing, or to search for another house if it is expensive, or even the empty wings of the house can be used to offer them for rent for a good amount of money.

Make a budget plan

The amount of expenses must be controlled and managed to save money from the salary, by setting a certain amount for all expenses and saving the rest as much as possible, with the need for moderation in spending, for example, the number of times of eating in a restaurant should be reduced to achieve the goal of saving and saving.

Choose gifts smartly

It is known that many people express their love for friends and family members by buying and giving precious gifts, but innovative ways can be found to make a gift at little or no cost, such as a handwritten letter filled with sincere emotions that has a great impact on people, or a celebration Celebrate birthdays by making supplies at home.

Saving in a bank account

A person can deduct a certain amount each month and transfer it to a special savings account automatically in agreement with the human resources officer at work, or transfer it himself to save it for a long-term period.

Other ways that helps to save money from your salary

There are many ways that helps to save money from the salary, including the following:

Preferring quality over quantity when buying clothes, food, electronics or others, because this saves money in the long run, even if the budget is low.

Avoid spending money when you are bored or stressed that leads to extravagance without thinking.

Insisting on saving and determination to save, and being careful not to lose motivation easily within a short time.

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