Here are the right steps to learn programming

Learning programming was in the past limited to creators and obsessed with designing video games and simple electronic projects, but during the past years learning programming has turned from a mere hobby to a professional and necessary skill that every individual must use or at least know what it is

You may have a lot of questions in your mind, which mostly center on how difficult it is to learn programming, about the correct ways to write code, and how programming relates to mathematics. Follow this article to learn the steps to learn programming, whether it is for you or your child

Learn to code from scratch

One of the common mistakes when deciding to learn programming is not setting a clear goal for the reason for learning, and this leads to moving from one programming language to another when facing the challenges of writing code and thus wasting time without getting a result, and you must specify your goal of studying, do you want programming or design?


Web design depends on HTML and CSS, which are considered one of the simplest programming languages, and some people underestimate these languages, but not learning them well complicates designs and makes them a difficult task, and it depends on the look of the site only and not on its work

If we want to compare the work of the two languages ​​together, it can be said that HTML is the building structure of the foundations and pillars of the site, while CSS is the building colors and its external form

These two languages ​​then merge with JavaScript, a language that makes the site interactive. If you want to learn to create a shopping site, for example, and you want to add a certain discount rate on all products with one code line, the JavaScript language works on these commands to interact with the site.

So, these three languages ​​are the basis of web design and can also be chosen to start designing applications, as the JavaScript language can be used to design sites and applications


We have talked about the design and how to create the external form and the beginning of learning programming for beginners, but some may choose the path of development from databases and work on more complex matters such as network security

The developer is working on important aspects of programming, such as creating a database that records user accounts or their location on maps, including activating complex matters such as electronic payment for shopping sites and applications with control over commodity prices and activating communication and chat

You can choose between several programming languages ​​to be a web developer, including JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, C#, C++, Dart and other programming languages ​​that do development work, but in different ways.

Here comes the fear of some of entering mathematics into learning programming, and you may ask, how do I learn programming when I am not good at mathematics? Don't worry, anyone can learn programming gradually and learn programming math during practice, and there are several things we recommend that you start doing alongside the programming language of your choice such as:

  • Algorithms
  • Data structures
  • Solving problems

Algorithms are a big world and do not require you to know them completely. Algorithms teach you logical thinking and how to write code instead of memorizing it. This helps you to quickly identify errors and identify ways to solve them. Data structures help you to imagine and know how the site or application works, and it helps you To write better code

Solving problems depends on the language you are currently studying, you can simply search for a solution to problems in Java or Python for example, which is called in English Problem Solving, and fortunately, there are many sources under the name of learning programming in Arabic and for free on sites such as YouTube

Programming languages ​​for beginners

As we talked about earlier, anyone can learn programming and does not have to be a master at numbers, but programming depends entirely on practice rather than just study, and you may be wondering how it is possible to learn a programming language and write thousands of lines of code?

Language developers work on so-called programming libraries, which are ready-made codes that can be used to shorten writing lines to infinity. For example, the JavaScript language has many libraries with hundreds of lines for designing and developing web and applications, and there are also libraries for other programming languages ​​as well as

Benefits of learning programming

Whether you seek to be a programmer or not, it is recommended to learn if at least the basics of programming and part of the algorithms, as there are many benefits besides the fact that the future depends on learning programming and understanding the devices and things around us, and among the benefits of programming:

  • Learn to think logically
  • Creativity development
  • Understanding technology
  • Strengthening future job opportunities

Tips when learning

  1. Define your goal first before learning programming
  2. Do not move from learning one programming language to another on the basis that it is the best, all languages ​​are good and may serve your goal
  3. Avoid listening to those who decide which language is better
  4. Learn the basics of algorithms and databases, and you will be able to learn programming language with ease
  5. Don't despair of difficulties, they will seem easy after you overcome them
  6. You can think that learning programming is a fun thing, and you always get used to creating designs for beginners to see your achievement from time to time and so that your enthusiasm does not extinguish when learning, and if you are a video game enthusiast, you can enter the world of programming for game design as well, and you can teach children as well and choose easy languages ​​such as HTML and basics CSS or Python basics to encourage them to learn

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