The best types of table linens for the home

Choosing home table linens sounds like a fun thing to some. It may be a disturbing and confusing process, especially for those who find it difficult to choose the right fabric or when coordinating the colors of the decor.

How can the selection of table linens be facilitated? What are the easiest ways to coordinate it with furniture and decor?

Choosing table linens

The selection of table linens can be facilitated by defining several factors, including determining the shape of the table and the type of fabric, and then determining the purpose of the table.

Round table linens

The circular shape is the most common and most attractive, especially for occasions and entertainment. We note that it is chosen at weddings or as a decorative table for flowers, and it is also chosen as a nice table when drinking coffee at home, or as a nice shape that fits the design of the garden or the gear.

For a home table, the size of the table is measured by the number of chairs. For example, the size of a table for two people ranges from 76 cm to 80 cm, and a tablecloth can be hung up to 20 cm for a round table. At home, a checkered table can be chosen to give an intimate home feel.

As for the decorative table on which flowers are placed, for example, it may seem more beautiful if the tablecloth reaches the floor, that is, it is bought twice the size of the table dimensions, and it can be tied from the center of the table to give a classic and stunning view.

Usually, this form of bedspread and decoration is preferred on occasions, especially weddings, and one of the forms of lace can be chosen because it represents a soft character and suits the celebrations at the same time.

Square Table Linens

A square table can be preferred for the living room, and it is lower than the sofa and may have shelves or drawers to place books or decorations. You can choose a tablecloth that is a quarter of the size of the table in width and one and a half times its size in length, to hang from the middle only. You can choose a linen fabric that is made of jouber, to match the table decorations such as vases or candle bases.

Rectangular table linens

The rectangular table shape is the perfect choice for both space saving and table size gain. And if they are chosen in the kitchen or as part of the living-dining room, a tablecloth and a chair mat can be beautifully chosen to match.

Different types of fabric can be chosen for the rectangular shape, if it is for celebrations, you can choose the embroidered types with flower shapes embroidered with tablecloth or lace lace, and one of the waterproof polyester types can be chosen to make it easy to wipe and clean.

All shapes of tables can be used at home and on occasions, and the secret is to choose a good and correct tablecloth fabric to match its color and texture as needed, and according to the color of the home decor as well.

Types of tablecloth fabrics

Not only the shape, but choosing the type of fabric helps to improve the appearance of the table and determine its purpose, and there are different types of tablecloths for certain tables than others in terms of mixing two or more types of fabric together, lace, for example, can be added to the edges of the tablecloth to show it in a beautiful way.

Lace table linens

There are many types of lace and may puzzle you with the beauty of its forms. It is worth noting that lace alone can be used for several purposes, including tablecloths for councils tables, or tablecloths for salon tables, and lace gives a classic and elegant look with the decor.

Lace can also be used to embroider the edges of different types of fabrics and with all colors. It can be learned to make it manually, thus giving a modern look to the house, and here we will mention some of the distinctive forms of lace:

Crochet lace

It is a form of crochet art, which is considered a type of hand knitting. This type of lace is made with a hook and threads with decorative patterns, and different materials such as cotton, silk and wool can be used.

Alincon lace

This type usually comes as a complementary form for the purpose of decorating bedspreads, and it comes with a netting background, topped with beads or woven flowers. It can also be used as an elegant lace around the table vase to coordinate attractively with the flowers inside. It is often used in wedding party table linens and is used in the design of wedding dresses as well because of its thinness and design.

Lace tablecloth

This type of lace has the advantage that it can be used for a tablecloth without the need for another type of fabric to complement its shape. It may come in the form of interlocking flowers in large and small sizes, and it can also be sewn over a sheer mesh.

Checkered table runners

Tablecloths are often decorated with checkers. It gives a cheerful impression and is famous for its red and white colors, and it is found with different colors that mix with white as well, such as green, blue and black. Checks come in different types of fabrics, including linen, polyester and cotton.

The check pattern of the garden table is also popular, and its colors match the outside atmosphere, the colors of roses, and the various outdoor decorations. And we see that many choose it when going for a walk, and the choice is mostly on linen because it is durable and soft at the same time, and silk can be used on this skirt as well.

Tablecloths coated with Teflon or plastic

We often hear that Teflon is used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils. It is waterproof and easy to clean by wringing or wiping. Various types of cotton and polyester bedspreads are coated with Teflon or plastic, especially when this type is used for kitchens. It is easy to control and cleans very quickly.

Hand embroidered tablecloth

Whether you are a knitting and embroiderer or not, you can choose different embroideries to make yourself or use a seamstress. Among the most famous types of embroideries that are used as a complement to all types of fabrics are lace and jujube.

Besides that they give a stunning view that may change an ordinary piece of cloth into a modern and classic look, they are also characterized by the beauty of additions such as beads and woolen flowers.

Table linens cleaning

Remove juice stains: You must start by using a paper towel to dry the liquid, then add powder or flour until the liquid is absorbed, then wet the area with carbonated water before putting it in the washing machine.

Removing oils from the tablecloth: You can sprinkle the flour powder until it absorbs the fat or oil, then clean the tablecloth with washing powder.

Clean the mattress from wax: You must wait for the wax to cool and turn solid, then it must be scraped gently with a knife and removed as much as possible, after that a thin cloth is placed over the stain and then the iron is passed over it until it absorbs the wax.

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