Make your home more spacious by using decor

Many of us suffer from the narrow space of his home, and this may limit it to a style of decoration that suits the spaces of small houses, but although the area of ​​the house greatly controls the design of the appropriate decoration for it, there are some forms and types of decor that fit the space of the small house Which gives it a more aesthetic look and a wider perspective through the appropriate use of some decor elements, as follows:

1. The colors of the walls and walls: 

It is necessary to use light colors that show brightness in the walls of the house and all rooms with the unification of all the colors of the house from the walls, ceilings and floors, which makes it appear more spacious, such as the use of white, cyan, yellow, light, rose and other colors of light paints and the distance from the colors. 

The dark room that shows the room is narrower in space, with the placement of longitudinal mirrors in separate parts of the house to suggest the spaciousness of the place with the simple design of the mirrors to give an impression of increasing the space of the place.

2. Furniture and accessories: 

Choosing multi-purpose furniture and arranging them in a way that suits each room is one of the most important ways to reduce the areas used in the room, so it is necessary to choose multi-purpose furniture to reduce the manifestations of room congestion. 

For example using the sofa that turns into a bed and different seats with arranging and placing large pieces of furniture next to the wall In order not to take a large amount of the room space with the empty corners of the room and the arrangement of the furniture at slightly sloping angles while leaving a suitable area of ​​the floor free and this gives more depth to the place and do not put a lot of carpets and furnishings, also using simple practical accessories with hanging shelves that help to save Space and reduce the congestion of accessories.

3. Floors: 

Make all the floors of your home the same shape and design, taking into account that it matches the colors of the walls, and if you decide to make it all ceramic or parquet, use the same pieces in the same way to connect all parts of the house, which seems to be an expansive space.

Porcelain was also used in floors, instead of ceramic or tiles, as it gives a sense of space expansion due to its larger area of ​​ceramic.

4. Lighting: 

The use of natural lighting is one of the most important factors affecting the wide display of the area of ​​the house, as its use is important to show the area of ​​the room while creating a balance with the colors of the walls and showing it brighter, which helps to see the area wider.

All these uses of decorative elements give your home a more spacious view and shape, provided they are used appropriately for the space of your home to give balance and harmony to all elements with each other.

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