Keep your home clean while traveling

When you travel on vacation and leave the house for a small or large period in both cases, you will return to find that dust has covered every part of the house, which will compel you to clean it thoroughly at the most time you need a rest. So, in this article, Tiles and Tools will explain some simple and inexpensive steps that will help you keep your home clean while you are traveling.

1. Furniture: 

Such as sofas and chairs, it must be placed in a place far from sunlight and window openings through which dirt enters. It is recommended to cover it with some heavy fabrics or to tailor special covers for the furniture that some people use permanently to keep it new and shiny. As for tables, you should remove any linens of them in a closed place and cover them with old mattresses to keep them from dust.

2. The kitchen: 

You should not leave any exposed food and leave the kitchen clean, free of any dishes that need washing, and kitchen tools can be wrapped with plastic bags to protect them from dirt and dust, and to ensure that the gas cocks and sinks are well closed.

3. The bathrooms: 

They are considered one of the places that need great care to avoid insects and bad smell. Therefore, it must be left clean, close any openings through which insects may enter, put chlorine in the toilet and close it well, and make sure that the water valve is well sealed.

4. Antiques and curtains: 

Bags are the best solution to keep anything out of dirt and dust. So, put all your antiques in sealed bags. Also, curtains can be tied tightly and covered with plastic bags or folded and stored in a closed cupboard.

5. Carpets: 

Also carpets can be folded and put in appropriate plastic bags and closed well to prevent any dust from escaping.


By following the previous steps, you will return from traveling to find the house clean as if you only left it yesterday, all you have to do is polish the floor and put everything back in place.

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